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Scrappy vs Auswell - Vegas Battles 83

$ 34.75

A rookie interview quickly turns into pain, dirty tricks, and INTENSE mat wrestling! New rookie Auswell tries introducing himself to the fans when he is shoved away crashing into the window. "We don't care what you got to say!" yells Scrappy standing toe to toe with the newbie. Angry, Auswell charges in with a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug, slams Scrappy down, and mounts his abs choking Scrappy into the ground. Gasping for air, Scrappy escapes as both wrestlers roll on the mat FIGHTING for control. Scrappy locks in a body scissors, but Auswell stands up in the scissors rolling Scrappy over for a Boston crab at the same time! The power struggle has both wrestlers breathing heavy. "Get up!" orders Auswell sending Scrappy into a RAGE. "Who do you think you're talking to?" taunts Scrappy locking in a belly to belly bearhug of his own tossing the rookie to the ground. Down on the mat, the action heats up as Scrappy and Auswell try for a pin or knockout using a cradle, sleeper, head scissors, and GRUELING banana split! Winded from the brutal struggle, Auswell is overpowered and folded in half for the pin. "That's right; you ain't all that!" taunts Scrappy. "No, no, I ain't gonna be beat by somebody 20lbs lighter than me!" declares Auswell challenging Scrappy to an arm-wrestling match. Locked up tight, Auswell and Scrappy strain for the win and switch arms; their biceps SHAKE under the intense pressure! Things get down and dirty as a bearhug challenge and mercy challenge has both wrestlers using dirty tricks to BREAK each other apart! "I'm 180lbs. You mess with me; that's what happens!" flexes Auswell. Down on the mat, Scrappy and Auswell exchange front-facing SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors squeezing each other harder and harder with their powerful quads nearly passing out. A guillotine choke, tight sleeper, double chicken wing, full nelson, belly to back bearhug, triangle choke, and dirty tricks has Scrappy and Auswell fighting for the win in pins, submissions, and knock-outs!