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Scrappy vs Bart - Vegas Battles 19

Scrappy vs Bart - Vegas Battles 19

$ 34.75

“There’s nothing you can do – I’m bigger, I’m faster and I’m sure stronger!”

Thunder’s Arena’s newest wrestler, Bart is warming up for his first match against the uber-popular Scrappy!  Bart, in tight purple trunks, is running through some Jumping Jacks, getting ready for the math – by contrast, Scrappy is laid back, doing some texting on his phone.  Bart starts in on the trash talk, comparing physiques and goading Scrappy.  Scrappy takes the bait and find himself manhandled into a full nelson!  Bart adds to the pain by grabbing Scrappy’s nipple!  Bart runs his mouth off to Scrappy – “I’m the one who dominates you, all the time!  You just never learn your lesson.”  Bart let’s Scrappy drop to the floor, where he ties his legs up and stretches Scrappy’s chest out!  Scrappy is helpless as Bart utterly works him!  Bart pulls the hapless Scrappy up into a brutal Camel Clutch / Nerve Pinch combo before switching to a double claw!  Scrappy’s world fades away as Bart wraps his arm around Scrappy’s neck, but Bart’s not done – he flips Scrappy onto his back and drops down for a Schoolboy Pin!  Bart flexes over Scrappy, his big quads framing Scrappy’s face!  A side headlock morphs into an immobilising leg pull that has Scrappy grimacing in agony!

Bart’s debut domination continues as he clamps a rear bearhug on Scrappy, grinding the suffering superstar face first into the mat!  Bart releases the bearhug, switching to a shoulder-wrecking arm lock!  Scrappy asks “How do you know all these moves?”  “It’s called being a stud!”  Bart hoists Scrappy up into a standing rear bearhug, lifting him high off the mat and shaking him hard from side to side!  Bart is relentless as he punishes the flawless physique of Scrappy!  Bart drags Scrappy into his powerful quads, his crushing vice pulverising Scrappy’s skull!  Scrappy gets a face full of glutes as Bart shows off his squat gains!  Bart pulls Scrappy up into a doulb epec claw, the musclestud whimpering in pain!  “I was born to do this!” Bart takes Scrappy back to the mat in a grinding bearhug, his spine being crushed to powder under the immense pressure of Bart’s arms!  Bart pulls Scrappy his feet, but Scrappy manages to slip an arm between them, breaking the bearhug and slapping on one of his own!  Scrappy is enraged – “My turn!”  Scrappy revels in his revenge squeeze, crushing Bart for all he’s worth!  Scrappy changes up to a Full Nelson, pushing Bart’s head down towards his pecs, before switching to a choking headlock!

Can Scrappy keep the momentum and put the rookie in his place?  Or will Bart prove to be just too good?  Lifts, surfboards, pec claws, hamstring stretches, a Boston Crab and much more lead up to a knockout PILEDRIVER finish!  An outstanding debut from Bart – you definitely want this one in your collection!