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men choking men

Scrappy Dominates Blayne - Battlespace 111

$ 34.75

Scrappy's Domination!
Scrappy is flexing by the pool admiring his rock hard body saying, "who do you is better, can flex harder, or wrestler better than myself? NO ONE!" Scrappy is definitely ready to go and wants to know who his unlucky opponent is? He walks in the living room where Cap and Blayne are talking to each other. Scrappy decides Blayne is gonna be his victim and picks him up in a fireman's carry parading him around the living room. He throws Blayne down and begins PUNCHING and GRINDING his fist into Blayne's abs. Scrappy then sits on his chest yanking back on Blayne's legs. Blayne recovers and ball claws Scrappy. He sits on the couch locking Scrappy in a tight head scissors. Scrappy escapes and bearhugs Blayne throwing him over the couch KNOCKING the couch over. He then choke lifts Blayne and transitions to a front bearhug. Scrappy demands Blayne admit who the best wrestler is? Blayne refuses to give. It's Scrappy's turn to lock in a head scissor and makes Blayne admit how much he likes his head scissor! Scrappy puts Blayne in a tight sleeper hold, and he is counting sheep! 
The new guy Cap walks in asking what happened to Blayne? Scrappy is PISSED that Cap interrupted his match and CHOKE LIFTS him throwing him on the couch. To humiliate the rookie even more, he dumps the laundry on him putting the laundry bag over his head.
Blayne wakes up, and Scrappy carries him to the bedroom, dropping him on the bed. Scrappy locks in a head scissors, but Blayne jokes, "This is the worst foreplay ever!" Scrappy drags Blayne half off the bed and puts him in a standing head scissors! He picks Blayne up in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG squeezing the air out of Blayne. Scrappy is not done and puts Blayne in another sleeper. Blayne goes out again!! Scrappy sits on his victim's chest and ball claws him!! Blayne wakes up and is put in another sleeper asking why Scrappy woke up so cruel?? Blayne goes out AGAIN! Scrappy still isn't done and torture racks Blayne carrying him to the patio. 
After punishing his victim all over the house, Scrappy applies another sleeper hold outside! Blayne is counting sheep again and is THROWN IN THE POOL!  Scrappy's domination is complete!!