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Scrappy Blayne choke lift carry arms biceps thighs

Scrappy vs Blayne - Custom Video Series 45

$ 31.25

#1 Bestseller December 2016

Scrappy is in the bathroom doing his hair. "I heard I gotta wrestle this twink today. I know for sure i'm winning this match, and there is nothing he can do about it!" says Scrappy. He does push ups in the bathroom to get ready. "I'm coming for you little bitch!"
Scrappy walks in on Blayne doing push-ups. "Why you trying to do a push up dude. You don't even have a chest. I don't know how you got hired to wrestle here!" He forces Blayne to do a push up and STANDS on his back. Scrappy picks up Blayne in a MASSIVE front bearhug. "You're a lot stronger than I thought!" moans Blayne. "I'm just getting started!" Scrappy changes to a rear bearhug. "Let go, I can't breathe!" Blayne COLLAPSES to the mat.
"This is what strength looks like. This is what twinks look like!" Scrappy flexes then straddles Blayne pinning him down. "Come on get up! Not today!" Scrappy forces Blayne against the wall and GUT PUNCHES him, "little baby abs!" 
Both lock up in a game of mercy. Blayne is taken to his knees yelling "mercy!" "I'll give you mercy!" Scrappy CHOKELIFTS Blayne in the air. "Mercy, mercy!" moans Blayne. Scrappy GUT PUNCHES Blayne again and PEC CLAWS him. "He's mine today!" declares Scrappy.
Scrappy puts Blayne in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissor doing sit ups in the hold. "This is the Scrappy show!" Blayne almost goes out when Scrappy releases the hold. He picks Blayne up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and SHAKES him up and down. "My ribs!" Next comes an over the knee BACK-BREAKER! "My back!" Scrappy GUT PUNCHES Blayne's abs again until he PASSES OUT! "Are you dead? I can't hear you?" 
"No more Scrappy, no more!" moans Blayne. "You know what it's time for?" Scrappy locks in a MASSIVE sleeper hold, and Blayne goes out. "Too easy! This dude's gonna be out all day!" Scrappy does push ups over Blayne's passed out body. 
Scrappy wakes Blayne up and applies another MASSIVE sleeper. "Am I being too rough on you? I'm sorry. I'm having too much fun!" Blayne passes out again. Scrappy lays on his victim flexing his BOULDER biceps for the camera. This Blayne Beatdown is OVER!! If you like seeing a little guy DESTROYED, you'll definitely want to add this to your collection!