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Scrappy vs Blayne - Halloween Havoc 2017

$ 30.00

Sometimes a feud can last for a lifetime…and sometimes it can last even longer…

Scrappy and Blayne have fought before and their feud showed no sign of dying down – so what would happen if their feud NEVER died down?  This Halloween Havoc spectacular poses a ‘What If?’ – What if Scrappy and Blayne had turned to Zombies and were still feuding?

Scrappy starts things off with a lock-up, but Blayne wraps his arms around Scrappy, lifting him off the floor in a bearhug.  Scrappy fights back, forcing ZomBlayne down and ripping his shirt!  Scrappy stands tall over his prey, but ZomBlayne reaches up clawing Scrappy’s balls!  Scrappy responds by dropping his body down on ZomBlayne’s face!  Mutual pec claws have both men grimacing and writhing in agony!  Suddenly Blayne lifts Scrappy up, turning him upside down and attacking his balls – this time with his teeth?! “You tryin’ to bite my dick off?”  Scrappy asks, incredulously.  ZomBlayne responds – “I was hungry.”  Scrappy is furious and grabs a nearby baseball bat, using it to choke his nemesis!  Scrappy strips ZomBlayne of his shirt, then uses it as a leash!  ZomBlayne fights back, hammering Scrappy’s arm behind his back before ripping his shirt off in retaliation!  Blayne pins Scrappy to the mat, firing shots into his abs before removing what’s left of his shirt!  This gets Scrappy MAD – he lunges in and clamps on a BRUTALLY tight bearhug!  A Standing Sufboard has Blayne in pain but he resists!  Then Scrappy grabs a LEAD PIPE and starts beating the crap out of ZomBlayne!  Scrappy slaps on a bodyscissor, adding in a pec claw for added agony!  The two men rip each other’s trousers off, both stripped to their Calvin’s!  ZomBlayne is about to rip Scrappy’s shorts off when BAM – Scrappy gets ZomBlayne up close and personal with a STEEL TRAY!!  ZomBlayne is in real trouble as Scrappy seizes the advantage, sinking in a choke.  But ZomBlayne fights back with an elbow to the abs and a Steel Tray shot to Scrappy’s muscular back!

This could be a battle for all eternity as the two undead gladiators beat all kinds of hell out of each other!  Chokes, Hair pulls, Nelsons, Claws and BRUTAL BALL BLOWS!  Scrappy moans in pain as he’s trapped in ZomBlayne’s Boston Crab!  Scrappy SUFFERS in ZomBlayne’s bodyscissors, his ribs bending under the pressure!  The momentum shifts as Scrappy catches ZomBlayne in a BACKBREAKER, slamming his spine down over his knee!  Then Scrappy grabs a chain, wrapping it around his fist…

Can ZomBlayne bounce back and defeat his long-time rival?  Or will Scrappy score the win over his nemesis?  This feud match is far from done as the two absolutely unload on each other with anything and everything they can find!  This is Scrappy and Blayne like you’ve NEVER seen them before!  Add this special-effects laden Halloween match to your collection today!