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Scrappy vs Brando - Bodybuilder Battle 200

$ 22.22
$ 31.59

Flexing turns to Scrappy aggressively on Brando's back! Scrappy rides this bull to the mat and locks in a deep full nelson! Brando is surprised by Scrappy's strength and fights to break free. Scrappy does not want Brando up and for good reason because Brando gets up and NAILS Scrappy with a vicious clothesline! Scrappy stumbles to his feet and Brando strides across the mat slamming Scrappy with another brutal clothesline! Scrappy is concussed now and Brando is not going to show any mercy! He wraps Scrappy up and puts him to sleep in what could be the most vicious sleeper Thunders has ever seen!

Now Brando has a taste of torturing Scrappy and smells blood in the water! Scrappy uses his speed and agility to avoid Brando on the mat! An epic chase has Scrappy once again riding Brando's back trying to take the mass monster down. Can Scrappy stay on for the ride and put Brando to sleep this time?

Brando struggles up and Scrappy comes at him in full force! Brando catches Scrappy lifting him over his head and holding him upside down! Brando is done having fun and drops Scrappy to the mat.

Scrappy begins to play mind games to catch Brando off guard. What mind games can Scrappy pull out in order to finish off Brando? Or is Brando too strong and smart to be defeated by Scrappy?