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Scrappy vs Brix - Rough & Ready 136

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

It's NON-STOP action as a new rookie comes in hot and heavy ready to steal Scrappy's throne! "I came here to give you a lesson!" threatens Brix standing toe to toe with the vet. "Think you can wrestle me? This is Scrappy's mat!" A flex off has both wrestlers comparing size battling for the spotlight. Scrappy strikes with a surprise rear bearhug and wraps the arrogant rookie in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. His chiseled muscle stretched to its limits, Brix strains to escape and leans over, carrying Scrappy on his back. A power struggle begins as both wrestlers collapse to the ground. First to his feet, Brix grabs Scrappy's hand, spins him around, and LAUNCHES him face-first across the mat. Scrappy is dazed and pulled into a grueling ab stretch and tight scissor/sleeper combo. Gasping for air, Scrappy is powerless to break free and slammed again on his face only fueling his rage. A quick tie-up has both wrestlers WRENCHING each other's arms back in viselike chicken wings and delivering brutal ab stretches. Screams of pain fill the arena; Scrappy hammers Brix's rock-hard abs with gut punches as he struggles to breathe crumbling down. Another tie-up has Brix locking in a tight full nelson DRIVING Scrappy's skull into the mat for an arm bar/body scissors combo. His arm about to snap from the intense pressure, Scrappy PUNCHES his way free and lifts the 165lbs Brix up for an over-the-knee back breaker! In agony, Brix's chiseled abs are pounded away with Scrappy's elbows as a vicious dirty trick drops Brix to the mat. Scrappy flexes in victory BURYING his foot in the rookie's injured abs before letting him up. Ready for revenge, Brix recovers and unleashes his power: chicken wings, scissor/sleeper combo, ab and leg stretches, glute smacking, a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab! Scrappy groans in pain desperate to escape the torture and delivers a dirty trick dragging Brix into a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Brix is rolled over face-first on the mat in the scissors as Scrappy does push-ups crushing Brix's face into the mat. Brix struggles to his feet as both wrestlers exchange tight rear bearhugs. A knee to the groin sends Scrappy into a blind rage picking up the 165lbs Brix for multiple BODYSLAMS, "Just giving you a nice Thunders welcome!" His back nearly broken, Brix is laid out barely moving as Scrappy stomps his ribs flexing in victory. The brutal back-and-forth battle continues as a rear bearhug, standing leg sleeper, tight full nelson, chicken wing, glute smacking, and series of sleepers have Brix and Scrappy FIGHTING to be the last man standing!