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lifted chock lift

Scrappy vs Cap - Mat Wars 84

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

"Scrappy's back, bigger and stronger than ever too!" The veteran Scrappy flexes for the camera and hears his opponent is some lifeguard turned wrestler. "I like to see what this lifeguard can do?"
In walks Cap, "So they call you Scrappy? Maybe you should start doing more legs. Look at these little chicken legs!" This rookie sure is a trash talker. "What do they call you?" asks Scrappy. "What Scrappy doesn't know is he's dealing with Captain America!" says Cap. "Think you can just talk shit? Let's see what you got!" Scrappy is PISSED!
They lock up. Cap picks up Scrappy in a FIREMAN'S CARRY then MASSIVE front bearhug taking him to the mat. Scrappy escapes and gets Cap in a TIGHT body scissor. "What did you say about those legs?" He lets Cap up and locks in a full nelson. "Lets have some more fun!" Scrappy throws him down, sits on his stomach, pulling back his legs. 
"Why don't you just go back to the beach!" Scrappy delivers a Boston crab then sits on Cap's back YANKING on his head and neck. The vet lifts the rookie in a FIREMAN'S CARRY bouncing him up and down. "Looks like you've given up already. Scrappy too much for you?" 
Scrappy applies a TIGHT bow and arrow. "See how flexible you are, laying in the sun all day!" Scrappy CHOKELIFTS Cap, and he is GASPING for air!
They reset. "I'm just warming up. Is that all you got?" Cap picks up Scrappy in a FIREMAN'S CARRY and squats him. The rookie wants to show his strength, a head scissor, CHOKELIFT, and RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. "You ain't going nowhere. I'm gonna break every rib in your body!" 
Scrappy escapes and GUT PUNCHES Cap against the wall. He collapses to the mat, recovers, and body scissors Scrappy. "So weak! You've got a lot of spirit for a little guy!" says Cap. Scrappy GASPS for air and breaks the hold.
They lock up. Scrappy picks Cap up across his chest and into an over the knee BACK BREAKER. "Who you calling little now?" Scrappy GUT PUNCHES Cap and locks him in a standing head scissors. Cap recovers and picks up Scrappy in a FIREMAN'S CARRY. "Nothing can stop me. I save lives. What do you do?" asks Cap. "You're about to find out!" says Scrappy. 
Scrappy takes Cap down and locks in a Boston crab. "I'm not gonna give up!" Scrappy locks it in TIGHTER. "I give, I give!" yells Cap. "This is my show new guy!" Scrappy plants his foot on Cap's back flexing for the camera. 
The match ends in TOTAL DESTRUCTION! The winner BODYSLAMS the loser FOUR times! "I'm not done yet!" The loser is put in not one but TWO SLEEPERS! "Night, night!" Will it be the rookie Cap or the veteran Scrappy? Buy this match to find out!