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Scrappy vs Cash - No Holds Barred 175

$ 31.25

"This is the guy I've been hearing about? That surfer hair, looks like you've been skipping a few ab days!" mocks Cash. "I'm sure you've heard about me. Coming in here all f***ing smart, you're gonna get it!" threatens Scrappy. Locking up, the shredded beast SLAMS the vet to the mat and mounts his chest pinning him down with his knees while flexing. "Better come ready to scrap Scrappy; come on boy!" taunts Cash yanking his victim up by the hair PULLING his arm nearly out of socket. "Fight like a man; you ready to f***ing fight like a man?!?" yells Scrappy dragging Cash down in a headlock trying for a body scissors, but he is overpowered with a grueling leg stretch/body scissors. "I'm not gonna let go! How's that feel? I've had a few leg days!" Groaning in pain, Scrappy STRAINS to pry apart his captor's quads of steel, "You gotta learn to watch your mouth; nobody cares about your f***ing legs!" Breaking free, the muscle hunk pulls Cash's head back wrapping his bicep around his throat; his chiseled abs STRETCHED to their limits ready to tear apart as he's slammed face first to the mat. Dazed, the 220 pounder recovers and barrels in lifting Scrappy in massive shoulder carry SHAKING him up and down. "What you gonna do? Drop you on your head!" taunts Cash; his victim sliding further and further down his ripped back. "No, don't do it!" pleads the vet as the ruthless beast pulls Scrappy's legs around his head slamming him even harder before dropping to his knees. "Ahh my nuts!" screams the muscle hunk writhing in pain. "I'll let you recooperate if you can!" Barely on his knees, Cash leans over with a bearhug rolling his victim onto his shredded frame. Scrappy struggles to escape; his skull WEDGED deep between the beast's quads of steel, and his groin ready to snap in a brutal leg stretch! "You're gonna f***ing pay for this!" Powerless to break free, Cash rolls the muscle hunk over mounting his back in reverse YANKING back on his legs, "I'm gonna break your back surfer boy! You give?" "No!" screams Scrappy stumbling to his feet as the titans lock up. Cash charges in for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug digging in deep, "You're so f***ing lite!" Gasping for air, the muscle hunk claws his captor's back to escape leaving hand prints as he collapses to the mat. Pissed off, a surge of strength has Scrappy battling back with a takedown mounting the shredded hulk pinning him down with his knees, "I told you, you'd f***ing pay! You're strong, but I got a little something too!" Cash overpowers the 165 pounder WRENCHING his arm in a brutal arm bar, "How's that feel those veins popping out?" His bones splintering from the pressure, "It's deep man!" Back on their feet, the titans exchange NECK-BREAKING full nelsons leaving each other winded from the intense struggle. "I need a break; hold on!" The camera pans away as Cash is caught sitting down for a drink sending Scrappy into a rage, "This ain't water time; you can't just sit in the middle of our match!" Dripping with sweat, the shredded hunk is yanked off the bench and taken down in a tight cradle for a pin but only gets a two count. "You're lucky I'm so slippery!" groans Cash sliding out as he mounts Scrappy's back wrapping his rock-hard bicep around his throat SQUEEZING every last breath from his lungs before letting him go, "I'm not letting you go that easy; catch your breath!" Cash's torturous plan continues with an upside down bearhug, vicious arm locks, and crushing reverse head scissors, "You want water? I'm gonna make you drink my sweat!" Struggling to breathe, Scrappy breaks away with sharp elbows to the ribs forcing the shredded beast into the wall and UNLOADS on his abs as he collapses to the mat. Somehow, Cash recovers with a BACK-BREAKING sit-down Boston crab, "You gonna give? How's my 220lbs feel on your back, huh little man?" "Ahh f***!" In agony, Scrappy struggles to hold on nearly tapping out from the excruciating pain. Get ready as the brutal battle intensifies: leg locks, shoulder carry, over-the-knee back breaker, elbow drop, tight headlock, devastating chokelift! A devilish grin sweeps across the winner's face towering over his broken victim, "Is this what you signed up for today? Who's next?"