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Scrappy vs Cash - Water Wars 13

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Forgotten laundry and stolen trunks ignite a DOWN & DIRTY matchup! In the laundry room, an angry Scrappy confronts Cash for wearing his trunks and forgetting his laundry. "They look better on me!" taunts Cash wrapping a towel around Scrappy's throat dragging him to the couch for a tight sleeper. Scrappy gasps for air crumbling to the ground but recovers with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. "I'm gonna whoop your ass, rip them off, show everyone I look better!" threatens Scrappy SLAMMING Cash onto the ottoman. Cash strikes with a ball claw lifting Scrappy in a brutal choke lift then try tearing Scrappy apart with two-handed chokes, leg stretch, and tight sleeper. Scrappy struggles to his feet delivering a ball claw of his own and retaliates with a body scissors/backstretch, crushing rear bearhug, and choke lift. Both wrestlers battled for control breathing hard and heavy as the dirty tricks keep coming. Cash lifts Scrappy and PILEDRIVES his skull into the couch wrapping Scrappy in an upside-down leg sleeper! Scrappy barely escapes as the living room battle continues with SKULL-CRUSHING reverse head scissors, gut punches, and vicious choke lift! One wrestler passes out, is carried to the pool, and tossed in where the action gets even hotter. Scrappy lifts Cash between the legs by his groin locking Cash in a vicious dragon sleeper. Gasping for air, Cash overpowers Scrappy for a crushing belly to belly bearhug then holds Scrappy upside down DUNKING his head underwater. "I can't breathe!" pleads Scrappy. "What about that laundry now?" taunts the dominant Cash letting Scrappy go. Pissed off, Scrappy drags Cash to the pool's edge for reverse body scissors and tight sleeper before RAMMING Cash's face into the pool steps nearly knocking him out! The down and dirty battle continue with multiple ball claws, crushing head scissors, gorilla press, tight full nelson, knee to the groin, and thunderous body splash! Who will be left standing and claim the stolen trunks?