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Sleeper Thunders arena

Scrappy vs Dolf - Custom Video Series 62

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Scrappy tells Dolf he's too slow, not nimble enough. His plan is the Rope-A-Dope, to make Dolf chase him and tire him out.  Dolf starts to destroy Scrappy for awhile, but Scrappy's able to run him around enough that Dolf does slow down and Scrappy gets control. Dolf tells him to fight, but Scrappy keeps dodging his moves. Dolf keeps chasing and missing. He's seriously getting pissed.  Finally, after one of Dolf's misses, Scrappy gets in a front kick to Dolf's leg. Dolf shakes it off and comes after Scrappy, but Scrappy dodges again and gets in another kick. Dolf is limping and he can't catch Scrappy. Another kick to Dolf's side puts him down, and Scrappy pounces. Scrappy subdues Dolf on the ground Dolf goes out.  Scrappy holds up each arm twice. Gloats. "The mighty Dolf!"
He slaps Dolf back to life and lets Dolf slowly get up. Then Scrappy runs him ragged again. From behind, a reverse bear hug. Then Scrappy pulls down Dolf's singlet straps part way--Dolf can't use his arms for a minute while Scrappy slaps his face and taunts him. Then straps come down. Scrappy punches and chops Dolf's upper arms and chest. Heart punches--Dolf hits the floor. Scrappy starts a sleeper, then stops. Tugs on Dolf's chin/mouth orders him to say whatever he wants. Scrappy rolls Dolf's head (lightly) to wake him but he's still out. Will Dolf's power be able to overcome Scrappy's speed in the end?