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Scrappy vs Duke - Rough & Ready 98

Scrappy vs Duke - Rough & Ready 98

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

New Wrestler, Duke’s Debut!

Mr. Mike has been on a roll recently, signing up new wrestlers left, right and centre!  Spike, Karl, Viking and now Duke, Thunder’s latest recruit!  Duke has obviously spent more than his fair share of time in the gym, sporting a toned and muscular physique that looks packed with power!  Decked out in red and yellow trunks, Duke is ready for his opponent – Thunder’s superstar (and ego in residence!), Scrappy!  Wearing his now-familiar small yellow trunks (that are having a really hard time containing his glutes!), Scrappy is showing off his impressive physique, giving the fans, and Duke, a show.  Duke responds with some flexing of his own, showing off his hard biceps, wide back and tapered waist – and those legs!  Scrappy instigates a lock up, but loses the advantage to Duke, who wraps his arms around Scrappy and lifts him up in a rear bearhug before dumping him to the mat face first!  Scrappy gets right back up, charging at the rookie, only to be caught in a single-leg takedown and sent right back to the mat.  Duke scrapes Scrappy off the mat and throws him back down again – this was not part of Scrappy’s plan!  Scrappy tries to intimidate the rookie, but Duke is having none of it.  Scrappy gets up and charges in again, this time getting behind the newbie and going for a full nelson!  Duke counters, so Scrappy switches to a rear choke, but before he can lock it in, Duke sweeps his feet out from under him sending Scrappy crashing, humiliatingly, to the mat!  Duke mounts Scrappy, riding him into the mat – Scrappy is not happy!

They lock up again and Scrappy manages to lift up the musclestud, slamming his back down over his knee in a backbreaker!  Duke manages to escape, scoop slams Scrappy down and pulls back hard on his legs!  Scrappy gets out and wraps his legs around Duke in a bodyscissor, but the ‘rookie’ rolls them over, ending up on Scrappy’s back.  Duke grabs Scrappy’s arms, draping them over his thighs and pulling Scrappy up off the floor!  Another lock up and Duke takes Scrappy down again, pinning him to the mat before yanking him up in a headlock, his bulging biceps choking the breath out of the helpless superstar!  Both men are pumped as they go for another lock up, but Scrappy goes low cinching Duke up into a bearhug, crushing the rookie’s ribs!  Scrappy tries to manoeuvre Duke against the wall, but instead finds himself again lifted and slammed down – Scrappy’s back is taking a beating!  A Full Nelson from Duke shows off his impressive power, with every muscle on his back standing out as he puts the hurt on Scrappy!

The match continues with each attacking the other with scissor holds, chokes, slams, cradles, headlocks, and more!  Will Duke pull off an upset victory in his debut match?  Or will Scrappy make a comeback and teach the rookie a lesson in humility and defeat?  Either way, a truly impressive showing from Duke – welcome to Thunder’s Arena!