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thunders wrestling

Scrappy vs Duke vs Blayne - No Holds Barred 124

$ 34.75

Scrappy is minding his own business doing push ups when Duke just lays on top of him and makes hime do push ups with him on top of him.  Scrappy does a great number then gets on top of Duke and asks him to do push ups with him on Duke's back.  That leads to Scrappy grabbing his pecs and doing some muscle worship.  Well Blayne see's that and jumps right in and everyone is doing flex off posing with lots of muscle worship that leads to Scrappy bear hugging Duke. Then throws Duke at Blayne who traps him in another bearhug.  Then Blayne traps BOTH Scrappy and Duke in a double bearhug!!!  Very impressive for a little guy.  When Blayne throws them both to the mat, more muscle worship of pecs happens with full nelson body scissors traps Duke and Scrappy is standing over Duke gut punching him without mercy.  Blayne then puts Duke in a rack while scrappy is muscle worshiping Blayne's abs at the same time.  Scrappy then pins Duke but make him muscle worship on Scrappy's pecs and biceps while Blayne sets Duke to get his face ripped off in a camel cutch but then Blayne lays UNDER Duke and feels his chest and gets him in a few pec claws while scrappy is camel clutching him.  Blayne wastes no time to head scissor Duke and while that's going on Scrappy smacks Duke's ass. and puts him into a banana split and make him beg for mercy.  Once he submits the guys take turns putting Duke into over the knee back breakers with "dirty trick" moves for accents and trade him back and forth and back and forth making Duke scream out for mercy.  There is more to this match I don't want to give away all the surprises but know more bearhugs and grand finale of Blayne stacking Duke on top of Scrappy then mounting them both at the same time, is great way to see and ending!