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Scrappy vs Eagle - No Holds Barred 177

$ 34.75

"Can't take my hands off your f***ing muscle! Nice peaks, you got some size on you, s**t!" admires Scrappy running his hands over the Adonis's beefy pec and rock-hard biceps. "Wanna get a feel? Go ahead!" flexes Eagle challenging the vet to a pose off. "Not as big as yours but definitely not scared to show it off; I can do that all day!" taunts Scrappy joining in as the muscle beast sneaks up from behind wrapping his powerful python around his throat. Struggling for air, Eagle lifts his prey up across his chiseled back STRETCHING him out in a mid-air back breaker! His bones splintering under the torturous hold, Scrappy screams in pain powerless to escape and is slammed down. "Maybe I should stick to feeling those quads and abs a little bit more!" groans the vet barely to his knees worshipping the Adonis; his hands smacked away. Playtime is over as Eagle overpowers Scrappy with a GRUELING banana split nearly breaking him in half and delivers a vicious dirty trick! "That's uncalled for!" Howling in pain, the beast drags his victim between his tree-trunk quads for a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! Intense pressure building in his brain, the muscle hunk claws his captor's meaty thighs straining to break free as he flexes tighter and tighter finally letting go. "Ahh my head! What do you squat, 700lbs?" moans Scrappy. "Pretty close, go ahead!" taunts Eagle flexing as the groveling vet worships his chiseled frame returning to his feet, "Nice, thick f***ing quads, solid abs!" A quick tie up leads to Scrappy being hoisted up in a chokelift; his eyes roll back as he fights to stay conscious crumbling to the mat. "Isn't it nice to rub some abs? How about I rub his head on the mat!" Straddling his victim, Eagle grabs his curly locks GRINDING the back of his skull into the ground as he cries out, "F*** you man, think I was gonna feel your abs? I'm still gonna do it!" Recovering to his feet, Scrappy's insatiable desire for more worship heats up, pinning the Adonis tight against his body in rear bearhug, worshipping his rock-hard frame as he flexes. "That's nice! I'm not squeezing to hard am I?" The dominant beast breaks free of the embrace and OVERHEAD PRESSES his victim up and down before tossing him to the ground. "I'm sick of hearing this guy talk; I got something for you!" Motionless, a look of panic sweeps across Scrappy's face as Eagle returns and duct tapes his mouth, "Make it hard for you to breath now!" hoisting him up in another devastating chokelift. His BLOOD-CURDLING screams muffled with no one around to save him! Deep, sinister laughs echo through the arena as the Adonis drops his semi-conscious prey, returns with a wrench, and begins YANKING off the tape, "Nice and slow so it hurts!" His lips nearly ripped off his face, Scrappy barely has time to cry out before he's tied up in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors and choked from behind with the wrench! Desperate, the muscle hunk flails his arms trying to escape Eagle's talons; his face turns white as his body goes limp passing out. Things quickly go from bad to worse in this house of horrors; the dominant beast returns with a 45lbs dumbbell smacking his victim across the face, "Wake up! I'm gonna smash your hand!" Laid out, Scrappy begs for mercy; the weight inching closer and closer, "No, please, don't do it!" CRASHING down, the sound of metal hitting the ground sends chills down your spine as Eagle taunts his injured prey, "Count your fingers, make sure they're all there!" Not giving up, Scrappy struggles to stand still worshipping the dominant beast until a vicious low blow levels him back down. The Adonis's torture is relentless: STOMPS to the groin, brutal ab stretch, pec claw, and crushing standing head scissors; until a vicious low blow drops him on his back. "I knew you wanted to feel me but!" moans Eagle writhing in pain as Scrappy mounts his ripped abs and CLAWS his beefy chest. "Ahh my pecs, get off me!" orders the angry beast breaking his grip getting back up. A massive mercy challenge erupts as the mountain of muscle forces Scrappy to his knees, lifts him in an upside down belly to back bearhug, and PILEDRIVES his skull into the mat nearly knocking him out! "I think he's almost done!" declares Eagle. "I can go all f***ing night! What's all that muscle got?" taunts Scrappy. The brutal fight rages on as a crushing headlock, vicious torture rack, gator rolls, over-the-shoulder takedown, and return of the wrench leads to JAW-DROPPING finish! "You ain't coming back from that one!"