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Scrappy vs Frey - Halloween Havoc 2016 Round 3

$ 30.00

Frey and Scrappy are getting into the Halloween spirit, dressing up in costume!  Frey has gone for a Village People-esque look - facepaint, headdress and leather vest, whereas Scrappy has opted for a Rambo look!  Frey and Scrappy are comparing biceps when Frey suddenly catches Scrappy in a headlock before hip tossing him to the mat, the headlock still clamped on!  Frey cranks it hard but he knows it won’t get a submission this early on, so he releases it and drags Scrappy to his feet.  Scooping the wannabe-hero up, Frey slams him down in an Over the Knee Backbreaker!  Scrappy starts to pull himself up whilst Frey is flexing, so Frey forearm slams him all the way to the mat.  Dragging him up again, Frey lifts Scrappy over his shoulder for more back punishment, bouncing to jar the spine even more!  Scrappy is dropped to the floor, but Frey doesn’t let up, wrapping his arm around Scrappy’s neck in a rear choke!  Frey converts the hold to an ab stretch, but Scrappy sees his chance!  He struggles free and gets behind Frey, locking him up in a Full Nelson!  Frey is anything but helpless though as he manhandles Scrappy round to his front before crushing him in a CROSS-BODY BEARHUG that has to be seen!  Scrappy can’t do anything except take the pain as Frey grinds the hold on.  Eventually, with no submission, Frey drops Scrappy to the mat but again give no quarter as he immediately drapes Scrappy’s arms over his thighs in a Camel Clutch, following up with a rib-breaking bodyscissors!

Frey decides to up the ante, taking his leather vest off and throwing Scrappy to the other side of the mat – “this ain’t a costume party no more!”  Frey goes dirty, clawing Scrappy’s balls before stripping him of his shorts and choking him with them!  Scrappy is fading as he tries to push Frey away, but to no avail.  Sensing this, Frey decides to play with his prey some, pulling Scrappy up for more punishment – BIG MISTAKE!  Scrappy seizes the moment with an eye-watering ball claw of his own, making Frey sink to the mat in pain!  He doesn’t capitalise though and Frey recovers, scooping Scrappy up for a massive bodyslam to the mat!  Frey aims to humiliate Scrappy, ripping his shirt off and leaving him in tiny silver trunks.  Another shot to the balls leaves Scrappy open for a sleeper hold!  Scrappy snaps and escapes, dragging Frey up against the wall and sinking fist after fist into Frey’s abs!  Frey turns them around, repaying the favour before working Scrappy into a Boston Crab – but Scrappy somehow escapes!

What started out as a friendly tussle has turned into an all-out brawl as Frey and Scrappy pummel and punish each other!  Multiple headscissors, upside-down bearhugs, ball claws, slams, a Torture Rack, even a noogie!  Full Metal Jacket takes on a new meaning!  A fig-4 leglock has Scrappy screaming in agony!  Tap out! Scrappy gets up for more – Frey can’t believe his eyes!  The match is far from over – can Scrappy come back and upset the Thunder’s veteran?  Or will Frey claim another victim?  The shock ending is breathtakingly brutal as one wrestler’s frantic tapping is ignored whilst the other sleepers him out!  This match is one you’ll come back to again and again – get it now to see who is victorious and who is laid out on the mat!