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Scrappy vs Fuego vs Dom9 - Mat Wars 140

$ 18.99
$ 25.95


“You. Attack him. And you. Attack him. Got it?”
Perhaps the most beautiful sentence in the wrestling world. Dom makes sure that Scrappy and Fuego understand what he wants for this video, is two hot men tearing into each other. And, also, the ass shot.
Scrappy opens up the bout aggressively and wears the bigger Fuego down (while both men are positioned by Dom who wants to make sure he gets the aforementioned ass shot.) Scrappy sleepers Fuego out and takes a minute to pose. Thank you, Scrappy! Fuego comes back with his own brand of payback, and Scrappy gets squeezed, slammed, stretched, and scissored, and then Fuego takes his own sweet time showing off those sculpted biceps. Thank you, Fuego! One is big, the other bigger, and the biggest hasn't started to wrestle yet. 
The match goes back and forth, as Dom insists they both stop posing because they’re “too small.” This doesn’t sit well with either muscleman, and they team up to take Dom down! Dom’s beautiful body takes some double team moves and Scrappy and Fuego manage to show off their own bodies at the same time they display Dom’s thick chest and defined abs.
Together they might have had a chance, but when Scrappy and Fuego take Dom on one at a time, well, they each get a few holds in, but it doesn’t last long. And when Dom gets them over his massive shoulders, and piles them on top of each other, he never forgets his audience and gives us the ass shot of a lifetime proving Dom might just be the Orson Welles of wrestling.