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Scrappy vs Fuego - No Holds Barred 138

$ 31.25

"Flawless head to toe!" Scrappy flexes his ripped muscles for the fans when he's interrupted by Fuego, "Not bad, it looks pretty good!" The Latin bodybuilder joins in as the two compare biceps. Scrappy surprises Fuego with a quick DOUBLE PEC CLAW giving him a taste of what's to come. "You're about to find out what Scrappy is all about!" The vet lifts the 200lbs muscle hunk across his chest and drops him in an over the knee BACK BREAKER! Fuego groans in pain as Scrappy worships his beefy pecs. "That's why I own this. I can take you down whenever I want to!" The vet locks his victim in a tight full nelson and takes him down with a dirty trick. "I still got plenty of fight in me!" yells Fuego as he battles back with a tight rear bearhug. Scrappy recovers lifting the muscle beast in a massive front bearhug parading him around, "I can be here all day!" Fuego gasps for air, "You're so strong!" The devious Scrappy seems to show mercy and let's go, but it's all a ruse as he GUT PUNCHES and worships Fuego's thick abs! The Latin beefcake clutches his aching gut and wants revenge. He picks Scrappy up across his boulder shoulders in a fireman's carry and SLAMS him to the mat! Scrappy is writhing in pain; his chiseled back damaged from the impact. "Let's see if I can choke you out with your bicep!" Fuego inflicts his torture as Scrappy fights to stay conscious. The muscle beast releases the hold transitioning to a scissor/sleeper combo. "You give?" Scrappy struggles and is close to going out, but a vicious dirty trick helps him escape!

The battle continues: an ATOMIC WEDGIE, arm-breaking hammerlock, crippling Boston crab, and brutal bearhugs! Fuego gets a takedown and worships Scrappy's prized muscle, "I see why you got a good reputation here!" The Latin behemoth mounts his victim's chest pinning him down and begins to sleeper Scrappy with his own bicep, "Let's see that face turn purple again. You wouldn't be choking if your arm wasn't so big!" The muscle stud gasps for air powerless to escape. Fuego is in complete control, picks up Scrappy in an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug, and delivers a devastating dirty trick! The vet crumbles to the mat howling in pain, "You think you can pin me and own the mat now?" Scrappy recovers and challenges the beast to a mercy challenge. Muscles bulging, veins popping, neither goliath gives up, so Scrappy breaks away lifting the 200 pounder in a fireman's carry. "I'm impressed you can lift me up!" He slams Fuego to the mat and tries to sleeper him with his quads of steel. The Latin destroyer struggles but breaks away outshining the vet. "You pissed me off!" Scrappy picks up Fuego and POWERSLAMS him down! The beast is in excruciating pain as the punishment continues with a vicious elbow drop and tight ab claw. "This is my mat!" declares Scrappy. A DOUBLE REVERSE HEAD SCISSORS and loads of dirty tricks have both muscle titans fighting for the win! Who comes out on top? The intense back and forth action will have you guessing to the end!