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Scrappy pins Fuego to the mat at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Scrappy vs Fuego - No Holds Barred 149

$ 17.00
$ 31.25

Fuego is pumped, ready for another shot to take down Scrappy, and this time, the muscle worship gets even HOTTER! The Latin powerhouse walks in on Scrappy flexing for his fans, "You could flex too, or you could just worship me!" Fuego isn't intimidated, "Just because you have a big chest, big biceps, 3% body fat. You think I like that?" A shoving match breaks out; each getting a taste of what's to come. "You're gonna do what I say today!" promises Scrappy. "I doubt that!" The vet grabs the beast in a brutal headlock. "You're a lot stronger than you look!" moans Fuego as he's tossed to the mat. "Get up and worship me!" The Latin beefcake starts worshipping his biceps when he's trapped in another side headlock. "Rub your face all over that muscle! Squeeze my chest, and I'll let you go!" Fuego finally gives in and grabs a handful of his pec, "It's so hard!" Scrappy releases his hold and is BODYSLAMMED to the mat where he's met with a vicious dirty trick! "That's not really worshipping!" moans the muscle stud in pain. He recovers, and the back and forth muscle worship continues. The vet takes the beast down with another dirty trick and locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, "You're gonna find out that Scrappy is the best thing in the world!" Fuego is forced to worship his chest, "Why are your nipples hard? You like when I touch it?" The vet is pissed at the disrespect and rolls Fuego over, SLAMMING him face first face into the mat with his scissors. Somehow, he escapes and mounts Scrappy's chest pinning him down, "Now I got my moment. Look at all these veins!" Fuego flexes and explores every inch of his victim as the vet struggles to breathe under his mountainous frame! "It's my turn!" Scrappy breaks free, mounts Fuego, and delivers a dirty trick, "You like it? Call me daddy!" He wraps both hands around the Latin hunk's thick neck CHOKING him into submission. With the muscle beast weakened, Scrappy forces him to his feet, lifts the 200 pounder across his chest, and drops him in an over the knee back breaker! Fuego groans in pain crumbling to the mat but surprises Scrappy with a head scissors, "That's tight!" The vet struggles to stay conscious under the quads of steel barely escaping with a dirty trick.
With both titans back on their feet, Scrappy lifts his victim in BACK-BREAKING bearhug after bearhug as Fuego worships his chiseled frame in the embrace. "Looks like you realized who the alpha in the room is!" Don't count the Latin behemoth out just yet as a back and forth battle for dominance continues: hammerlocks, full nelsons, upside down bearhug, a PILEDRIVER! Intense muscle worship and even dirtier tricks lead to an explosive end as the winner declares, "I'm the alpha!" Who will it be?


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