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Scrappy vs Gunnar - Custom Video Series 82

Scrappy vs Gunnar - Custom Video Series 82

$ 31.25

Fans of a smaller wrestler TOTALLY DOMINATING a larger muscle monster, your dream match has arrived! Gunnar is in the ring stretching; his singlet struggles to contain his colossal muscles. Scrappy walks in with a football, "Everyone told me how good a running back you are." Gunnar is puzzled, "Do I look like a running back to you?" Scrappy slams the football into the beast's chest, "You teach me some blocking moves; I teach you to wrestle." Gunnar plays along and shows him moves. "Crazy how you can be so good at football but bad at wrestling!" mocks the vet. "I've been here a couple months. I'm just getting started." Scrappy says his fans want him to wrestle and make Gunnar flex for him. "I bet they do cuz you can't flex!" laughs the behemoth. The vet grins deviously telling Gunnar he has a new sleeper, "So quick, so fast, next thing you know you're snoozin!" 
The muscle beast flexes a double bicep as Scrappy sneaks up jumping on his back with his new sleeper. "Catch me off guard!" moans Gunnar. "That's the thing about this hold. Nobody can get out of it!" The muscle hunk falls and tries crawling to the ropes to escape the pain. "I'm just gonna keep getting it tighter and tighter!" The blood rushes from the giant's head as Scrappy offers the chance to tap. Gunnar refuses and goes to sleep! The vet pulls down his victim's singlet straps exposing his gorilla sized chest and rock hard abs and slaps him awake. "What happened?" "You like that sleeper all-star running back? Gunnar gets up and SHOULDER TACKLES Scrappy into the turnbuckle, "Do I look like a running back to you?" He wraps his tree trunk quads around Scrappy's chest and neck and locks in a vicious ARM BAR as the vet screams in pain. "Are those the legs of a running back? I'll break that neck!" Scrappy groans, "You're still a crappy wrestler!" The behemoth laughs at the absolute agony of his victim and releases his hold. Gunnar pec bounces his beefy pecs, "Think this is the chest of a running back?" The beast goes for another shoulder tackle, but Scrappy ducks out of the way sending Gunnar shoulder first into the ring post! The muscle monster is doubled over in agony as Scrappy grabs him in a side headlock, "that fat neck of yours!" Gunnar groans as he's led around the ring under Scrappy's complete control, "I'm so swoll; you can't wrap your arm around!" Not so fast, the vet BULLDOGS the muscle beast into the ring floor; he somehow stays conscious as Scrappy forces him back to his feet in another headlock. Another BULLDOG has the muscle hunk close to concussion level, "My head!" Scrappy clubs the giant's thick back and wraps his bicep around Gunnar's throat rolling him to his back. "I want you to tap this time! Does it not hurt enough?" The beast coughs struggling to breathe, "We don't tap in Jersey!" Scrappy is up for the challenge, "I'm gonna make you Mr. Jersey!" He releases his sleeper letting the muscle giant to his feet just to lock in an even BIGGER SLEEPER! Gunnar frantically tries flipping Scrappy off his back, but this new sleeper is unbreakable! The beast falls to his knees, "I can't breathe!" His bulging biceps powerless under the hold as he falls to the floor counting sheep!
The dominant Scrappy straddles the gorilla's chest flexing a double bicep, "Big football player, you gotta learn how to wrestle!" He slaps his victim awake as he flexes. "You put me out again? You are kinda quick!" moans Gunnar. "I don't think you're done yet!" Scrappy wraps his quads around the beast in a massive body scissors and PEC CLAWS his juicy pecs. The behemoth howls in agony as his pecs and abs are being destroyed. "You look stronger than that!" mocks Scrappy as he locks in another sleeper. "Is that all you know how to do? I'm gonna kill you!" The beast struggles to breathe and passes out again. Scrappy sits up the lifeless Gunnar flexing his bicep, "This guy's heavier than I thought. My fans said they wanted you to flex. That is exactly what you're gonna do!" Scrappy wraps his arms around Gunnar's 54 inch chest and PICKS UP the motionless 220lbs muscle beast to his feet. The maniacal vet begins flexing the muscle hunk's arms like a puppeteer pulling strings. Gunnar's mountainous muscles are under Scrappy's complete control! "Wake up, flex for me. I'm sick of doing all the work!" Scrappy jumps on his back for a sleeper, but this time, the giant is ready and begins spinning him around SLAMMING his back into the turnbuckle. Scrappy struggles to keep the sleeper locked in as Gunnar lifts him into a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down. "You gonna use some respect now?" Gunnar POWERSLAMS Scrappy to the ring floor. "That wasn't bad. You're still a crappy wrestler!" The tides are turning as the muscle beast stretches his victim between the ropes and locks in his own sleeper, "How do you like it? Too bad my arms are twice the size of yours, means half the amount of time for you to go to sleep! Teach you a lesson in respect!" Will Gunnar get his revenge and put Scrappy to sleep, or will Scrappy battle back and declare lights out for the muscle giant? A surprise finisher has the match ending in utter devastation! You gotta see it to find out!