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Gunnar puts Scrappy into a bear hug at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Scrappy vs Gunnar - No Holds Barred 132

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Muscle worship, muscle glutes, muscle domination...a recipe for pure enjoyment! Gunnar is asleep in bed as Scrappy climbs in worshipping his gorilla size chest and arms. The muscle hulk wakes up, "What are you doing in my bed?" Scrappy grabs a handful of beefy pec, "You been working out a lot?" "A little bit!" Scrappy gut punches his rock hard abs, "Wake up!" Gunnar catches his breath, gut punches back, and wraps his bulging bicep around Scrappy's throat in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE. "I'm sorry, you're so strong!" Gunnar squeezes tighter, "You don't wake the beast!" Scrappy moans in pain and passes out under the immense pressure. 
"Think I got to teach you a little lesson!" Gunnar carries his victim through the house past the other wrestlers. Scrappy pleads for someone to help him as he's led to the mat and slammed down. "They know better than to wake the beast!" The muscle stud struggles to stand as Gunnar lifts him in a massive fireman's carry shaking him up and down and spanking his glutes. The dominant beast throws his victim down like a rag doll and pulls his hair forcing him to his knees. Gunnar spanks Scrappy again and POWERBOMBS him on the back of his neck! The vet groans in pain as he's rolled into a side splitting body scissors/ab stretch combo. "Nothing like a good morning stretch!" Scrappy can barely breathe as he's laid out face first on the mat. Gunnar circles his prey and delivers an ATOMIC WEDGIE spanking him with his meat hook hands! Scrappy is in complete agony, "Why you like slapping by butt so much?" The beast grins, "Not gonna lie, it was pretty good!" Scrappy is pissed and surprises Gunnar with a crippling CLAW hold! The behemoth yelps in pain and falls to the mat. "My turn!" Scrappy slaps the beast's thick glutes and PEC CLAWS his juicy pec. "Flex it harder!" orders the muscle stud. Gunnar flexes, trapping Scrappy's hand, "Break your fingers between my bicep and chest. Lucky I let you out of there!" Scrappy begins worshipping cannonball size arms as the beast flexes a double bicep. "I can't even move you!" Scrappy tries to sleeper the muscle monster as he stands to his feet. "Not gonna put me out!" The behemoth flexes as the vet hangs on his back worshipping his biceps. Gunnar lifts Scrappy on his shoulders giving the camera a full view of his juicy backside and begins spinning him in a TORNADO FIREMAN's CARRY. "I'm dizzy!" groans Scrappy as he's thrown to the mat. Gunnar begins worshipping his victim, "Abs aren't looking too bad! You're putting in that work." He lifts Scrappy in a crushing front bearhug. "You got the look, now you just gotta work on the power!" Scrappy tries clawing his meaty pecs to escape. The beast slams his prey's back into the brick wall and goes straight into a CHOKELIFT. "Losing that air, hard to breathe!" He drops Scrappy down into his powerful pythons and bearhugs him again! The vet's back is completely destroyed as he falls to the mat gasping for air. 
Gunnar pec bounces and lifts Scrappy across his 54 inch chest. "Nice thing about these small guys, easy to toss around!" The muscle beast drops him into an over the knee back breaker and worships his chest and abs. He picks Scrappy up onto his shoulder and BODYSLAMS him to the mat. "Take it easy!" begs the vet in pain. Gunnar wraps his goliath arms around Scrappy's throat in a sleeper. "My arms are so big, I don't even need two!" The beast switches to one arm as Scrappy passes out! "Woke me up for this? Now look at you! Come on pretty boy wake up!" Gunnar straddles Scrappy's waste yanking his own briefs up into a thong. The beast's thick muscle glutes are on full display as he begins backing up his backside towards Scrappy. Pure panic sweeps across the vet's face, "What are you doing? Please!" Gunnar inches closer and closer to his victim's face as Scrappy grabs his meaty cheeks DESPERATELY trying to save himself! How will this muscle domination match end? Trust us, you have never seen a match like this!