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Scrappy vs Gunnar - No Holds Barred 174

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Domination, muscle worship, and dirty tricks, EXTREME NHB is back! "I heard Scrappy's taking a nap. Last time, he f***ed with me a little bit; think I'm gonna get him back!" The behemoth heads to the room and climbs on the bed worshipping his sleeping prey, "Somebody looks like they put on some size, about time for the little s**t!" Slaps to the face jar Scrappy awake as Gunnar pins him down, "What up princess, remember the last time I was here? Paybacks a b****!" Pissed off, Scrappy grabs a handful of the beast's beefy pec, "You better be careful; I've gotten stronger! Get off me man, waking me up?" The mountain of muscle is SHOVED off the bed and crashes to the floor as Scrappy wraps his bulging bicep around his throat. Struggling for air, Gunnar grunts and groans getting to his feet and SAMOAN DROPS the vet nearly breaking the bed springs! Incredibly, Scrappy is able to hold on, pinning back the behemoth's pythons and stretches out his legs as he fights to break free. "You got that size that I f***ing remember!" admires the vet as Gunnar powers out lifting his prey on his boulder shoulders carrying him to the living room, "I need more room to beat up on you!" "Put me down! I ain't gonna let you carry me around again!" The behemoth BODYSLAMS his victim on the ottoman as he moans in pain barely moving. "You're looking like a f***ing sacrifice over here by the fireplace!" mocks Gunnar as Scrappy strikes with a massive dirty trick doubling him over in pain coughing to breathe. Back on his feet, the vet suffers the same fate taken down to his knees for a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "Sucks doesn't it?" taunts the behemoth hoisting his prey in an upside-down belly to back bearhug parading him around. "Set me down!" pleads Scrappy as the beast's meaty forearms dig deep into his ribs! A devious grin sweeps across Gunnar's face as he slams him back on the ottoman mounting his chest for a jaw-dropping SMOTHERING, "I tried to play nice!" Furious, Scrappy storms to his feet lifting the behemoth in a massive fireman's carry, "I'll take you all around this place; make you my b****! It's about time you learned a lesson!" Trying to escape, Gunnar SMACKS his captor's glutes over and over as he's carried to another living room and slammed on the couch! Pinned down, Scrappy worships the big man's pecs and bicep then HAMMERS away at his rock-hard abs while he screams in pain. "You're f***ing solid; you know that?" admires the vet delivering a vicious dirty trick; a close up shot gets you front and center on all the action! The dominant vet UNLEASHES his power on the big man: gut punches, double pec claw, guillotine choke, glute smacking! "Feel that muscle! You're gonna be Scrappy's toy right now!" Gunnar worships the vet with his meathook hands but tries to escape. A KICK to the abs and atomic wedgie has the behemoth crumbling to the floor and straight into a crushing standing head scissors! "You're not the strongest guy anymore, what you think about that?" taunts Scrappy releasing his torturous hold. A pec bounce competition leads to a test of strength as both titans lock up for a mercy challenge; their biceps strain under the intense pressure heading into the dining room! "You may have gotten a little bigger, but you ain't up to me!" threatens Gunnar overpowering the vet for a fireman's carry nearly knocking down the light. "You're gonna break everything man!" groans Scrappy. "Break beds, chandeliers, I'll break whatever I need to get this f***ing victory. This is my payback; take a seat!" The behemoth SLAMS the vet onto the recliner, stands up on the chair, and delivers one of the dirtiest tricks you have ever seen! "You're gonna pay for this!" screams the vet as all hell breaks loose: RIB-CRACKING body scissors, arm lock, brutal stomps, an atomic wedgie pulled so tight Gunnar's trunks nearly break apart! The mountain of muscle howls in agony as the vet locks in a one-leg Boston crab and vicious dirty trick; unable to handle the excruciating pain, he feverishly taps out! "Don't you know who you're messing with? I'm actually happy you woke me up!" taunts Scrappy. A massive belly to back bearhug, two-handed choke, tight sleeper, and INTENSE muscle worship leads to a motionless muscle hunk being carried back to the bedroom, "You're mine now!" You won't believe what happens next!