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Scrappy vs Hero - No Holds Barred 178

$ 31.25

"F***, are you like 250lbs? That chest, those thighs, peaks are never ending! You're solid!" admires Scrappy FEVERISHLY exploring every inch of the rock-hard beast with his hands as he flexes. "I try!" "You look big and strong, but you gonna be able to take what I give you?" asks Scrappy grabbing two handfuls of his beefy pecs. "That's the easy part! Trust me; I can take it!" Pec bouncing their chests, the vet continues to worship the shredded hulk, "You really do look good man!" surprising him with brutal gut punches, but he feels nothing even laughing at his attempt. "If that's all you got; this is gonna be a pretty easy ride for me!" mocks Hero. "You're gonna see exactly what I got b***!" taunts Scrappy FURIOUS at the disrespect lifting the 210 pounder in a crushing front bearhug straining to keep him in the air. The behemoth groans in pain powerless to escape and is dropped down clutching his aching back. "A lot of f***ing muscle!" worships Scrappy whipping around the muscle beast for a tight full nelson. "I gotta say; for your size, you have some strength behind you!" moans the winded Hero struggling for air as he's wrapped up in a rib-crushing rear bearhug. "You wanna see some more of it?" taunts Scrappy SQUEEZING as hard as he can, but the mountain of muscle pries apart his grip leaving both completely gassed from the struggle. "One thing you need to work on is your strength in your hands!" taunts the beast as the titans lock up. Hero wraps his powerful pythons around his tiny prey in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson shaking him around before launching him face first into the wall, "You said you wanted to wrestle right?" His blood boiling, Scrappy slams the big man into the wall but is shoved away and lifted in a RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug. "Ahh my chest!" screams the vet; his rib cage nearly snapping in half. "I'll let you catch your breath!" taunts the beast as Scrappy crumbles to his knees. "Hit those quads one more time for me, let me see that s**t!" "It's all in the legs; that's just overpowering you!" flexes Hero as the vet worships his quads of steel. Distracted, the devious Scrappy delivers a vicious low blow doubling the beast over in agony. "What's the matter; you feeling little weaker?" "Now I know why they call you Scrappy!" The vet wraps the behemoth in a tight headlock as the blood rushes from his brain, "Do you know what my name is?" "I don't really care what your name is!" Powering out, the mountain of muscle hoists the 165 pounder across his gorilla sized chest, "My name is Hero!" before dropping him up and down in a GRUELING over-the-knee back breaker! Screaming in pain, Scrappy crumbles to the mat barely moving. "The one and only!" flexes the behemoth. "You save lives; is that what you do?" moans the vet CLAMPING on a vicious dirty trick, "Let's see how many lives you f***ing save now!" Hero howls in pain barely standing up as Scrappy CLAWS his meaty pec bending him backwards in a brutal ab stretch; his chiseled abs seconds apart from ripping apart before he's slammed on his face! Struggling for air, the 210 pounder is rolled over in a body scissors, but the vet strains to PENETRATE his rock-hard frame, "You're so f***ing solid!" Squeezing as hard as he can, the struggle leaves both wrestlers completely gassed. "Look at all that muscle suffering! I thought you were a little stronger, tougher; guess I was wrong!" Laid out, Scrappy HAMMERS away on Hero's abs as he coughs to breathe then pins him down for more worship, "That's nice!" Back on their feet, the behemoth shows off his strength as the 165 pounder hangs from his bicep then worships his washboard abs. "What are you trying to do?" yells Hero reaching his limits. "I'm just complimenting all that hard work! What changed?" asks Scrappy. "If you wanna see it, you can see it, but touching's a little different!" Hero WRENCHES the confused vet's arm back nearly pulling it out of socket and chokes him with his meaty forearm before driving his skull into the mat. "I touch what I wanna touch!" threatens Scrappy stumbling to his feet trying for a dirty trick but is slammed back down for a GRUELING banana split. "I told you it's not ok; you keep pushing your limit!" Nearly broken in half, the behemoth steps on his prey's back and yanks on his arms as the sound of BREAKING BONE sends shockwaves through the arena! Collapsing on his face, Scrappy is dragged into a crippling camel clutch as his eyes roll back in his head. "I can give you something to hold on to if you like! Do you give?" Barely conscious, the vet refuses to quit and is hoisted up in a powerful full nelson shaken from side to side. Dropping his motionless prey, the camera zooms in on Hero flexing a rock-hard double bicep; when out of nowhere, Scrappy delivers a FLYING BODY SCISSORS still trying to worship the behemoth, "All that muscle, I'm gonna f***ing bring you down!" Angry, the mountain of muscle overpowers the vet and UNLEASHES his strength: massive fireman's carry, gut punches, meaty forearms to the chest, a devastating chokelift! "Please no more!" begs Scrappy barely breathing as the ruthless behemoth unveils the HERO FLIP: a move so vicious he does it over and over driving the vet's skull deeper and deeper into the ground! "By the way, it's capital H; I don't think after this you'll be wondering too much more!" The fight continues as a powerful full nelson, dirty trick, and vicious torture rack lead to a BONE-CHILLING end, "When people ask what happened here; let them know who it was from!"