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Scrappy vs Iceman18 - No Holds Barred 105

$ 34.75

Scrappy walks in and starts making fun of Iceman18 flexing, saying he’s gonna kick his ass, he’s not afraid of the size distance. Iceman18 thinks Scrappy is a joke, making fun of his trunks looking like he’s Barney. Scrappy isn’t phased, showing Iceman18 just how strong a dinosaur is!! He yanks Iceman18’s arms back into a full nelson, torturing his shoulders before wrapping his legs around Iceman18’s trunk to squeeze the breath out of him. Scrappy falls to the ground tightening his quads in the body scissor, really showing off how much stronger his quads have gotten. After fighting against it, Iceman18 is able to break out and show off how strong he is. The two guys start doing their best to one up each other, showing off their strength. Iceman18 takes Scrappy down into a Boston crab, trying to weaken Scrappy’s back. Scrappy responds by hiking Iceman18 up onto his shoulders and squatting him a couple times. To top it off Scrappy, puts a chokehold on Iceman18, making fun of him the whole time for letting such a smaller guy dominate him so easily. Officially pissed off, Iceman18 takes Scrappy down and starts tormenting his muscles, clawing at his pecs and punching his abs hard. Scrappy’s been working out hard, and is determined to show off his amazing new muscle and strength. The newer guy Iceman18 is just as determined to show he deserves a spot on the top of Thunders roster, and no one can out muscle, or out pose him!! After some back and forth bearhugs, Iceman18 goes for the finisher by dropping Scrappy hard into an over the knee back breaker. Scrappy’s in a ton of pain, but he’s not ready to give up that easily! He’s called Scrappy for a reason, and his stamina and tenacity really starts to show the longer a match goes on. Scrappy’s final assault begins, will it be enough to take down the 30 lbs heavier Iceman18?!