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Iceman 18 puts Scrappy in a back breaker at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Scrappy vs Iceman18 - Vegas Battles 35

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

“Get your hands off my nuts!” “Say please…”

Iceman18 is checking himself out in the mirror, but Scrappy is standing in his light and blocking his view.  Wearing seriously skimpy trunks, Scrappy is clearly looking for some wrestling action!  Iceman18 doesn’t back down from anything though and just starts admiring himself, whether Scrappy moves or not!  Of course, now he’s showing off in front of Scrappy and if there’s one thing Scrappy can’t resist, it’s a chance to show off himself!  As Iceman18 flexes, Scrappy grabs his wrist and places his hand on Scrappy’s own flexed bicep!  Scrappy settles back for the show, looking on as Iceman18 puts on a show!  This is the heady mix of muscle, treading the line between narcissism and worship – Scrappy gets up in Iceman18’s space and the muscle contest starts!  Iceman18 shoves Scrappy out of his light so he can pose unobstructed, but Scrappy is unimpressed and slaps a Pec Claw on the unsuspecting Iceman18!  He retaliates with a choke hold on Scrappy, but the musclestud holds out.  Scrappy grips the taller man’s tricep, feeling the muscle bulge as Iceman18 flexes.  But Scrappy is in the mood for something a little rougher and reaches between Iceman18’s legs to clamp on a crushing Ball Claw!  Iceman18’s eyes almost bulge out of their sockets and Scrappy squeezes his grip as he leads his prey to the bathroom…

Iceman18 begs Scrappy to release his grip – Scrappy does, but only to land a forearm blow to Iceman18’s shoulders!  Iceman18 fights back with a TIGHT bearhug, lifting Scrappy off the floor and pressing him against the wall!  Scrappy’s face is a mask of pain as Iceman18 SQUEEEEEZES as hard as he can, digging his clenched fists into Scrappy’s spine!  The superstar escapes the hold, only to be distracted by his own body in the bathroom mirror!  That distraction proves to be costly as Iceman18 once again seizes the advantage, catching Scrappy in another deadly choke hold!  Scrappy weakens as Iceman18 cuts off his air supply, but Iceman18 doesn’t want to put Scrappy out – he wants to make him watch as he parades his hard-earned physique!  Scrappy fights back with a rear bearhug, pulsing the hold until Iceman18 sinks to the floor, before sitting on the bath with his POWERFUL legs wrapped around Iceman18’s head!  Scrappy shakes his prey from side to side, before digging his heel into Iceman18’s balls!  Hold after hold, the pair lay into each other!  How about an Over the Bath backbreaker on Scrappy, with added ball claw for good measurement?!  Now Scrappy is mad, resuming his attack on Iceman18’s balls before draping him over the bath edge for an AGONISING pec claw!

More bearhugs, chokes, claws, headscissors, full nelsons and more (including a pretty devastating towel manoeuvre!)  The fight spills over into the bath tub and one stud is left out cold!  Get this match today and find out who walks away and who is left to cool in the tub!