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thunders arena male wrestling flex pec claw scrappy jake

Scrappy vs Jake - No Holds Barred 115

$ 34.75

Muscle Worship Madness!
This match is packed full of MUSCLE WORSHIP!! Muscle men worshiping their opponents and themselves. It's crazy! Scrappy flexes for the camera admiring his BULGING biceps. "Look at this size!" Jake walks in commenting that Scrappy "put on some size," but he is still smaller than the 190lbs Jake. "Why don't you get on your knees and WORSHIP me! There's nothing you can do to bring me down," boasts Scrappy. "You think you're hot shit!" says Jake. These boys are ready to go! 
They tie up. Jake gets Scrappy in a lifted reverse bearhug. Scrappy MOANS in pain. "Puny little boy, you still weigh a lot less!" says Jake. The veteran escapes, charges in, and lifts Jake in a FIREMAN's CARRY. He BOUNCES the rookie up and down on his muscular shoulders. Jake collapses to the mat. Scrappy applies a TIGHT body scissor pinning his arms behind his head. Jake escapes, straddles Scrappy, then rolls him into a cradle. "You like that?" asks Jake. Scrappy bearhugs Jake and breaks the hold. He straddles the rookie's chest pinning him down. "Why you closing your eyes? I thought you wanted to WORSHIP me?" Scrappy locks Jake in a standing head scissor then takes him to the mat with the scissor locked in. Jake STRUGGLES to breathe but breaks away.
Jake straddles Scrappy and WORSHIPS his ripped chest and abs. Scrappy escapes and rolls Jake over into a CRIPPLING Boston crab. The 190 pounder MOANS in pain. "Whine like a little bitch; that's what it sounds like!" yells Scrappy. He CHOKES Jake from behind with both hands and PEC CLAWS his beefy chest. Both roll around on the mat for position. Jake gets Scrappy in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors and YANKS back on his leg and arms. Jake begins MUSCLE WORSHIPPING his own ripped chest and arms. Scrappy breaks away and joins in WORSHIPPING his opponent's abs and chest. He PEC CLAWS Jake again rubbing his hands all over. THESE GUYS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF EACH OTHER'S MUSCLES!
Scrappy locks Jake in a full nelson, "You wanna flex big guy?" He PEC CLAWS Jake and makes him flex! Scrappy forces the muscle beast up against the wall and GUT PUNCHES him. Jake can barely breathe! Scrappy locks Jake in a sleeper hold, "You wanna tap?" Jake says no and PASSES OUT!
Scrappy wakes up his victim and puts him in a TORTURE RACK shaking him up and down, "Like a baby!" He lifts Jake in a MASSIVE front bearhug then transitions to a rear bearhug. Jake GASPS for air! Scrappy MUSCLE WORSHIPS Jake's body more then BALL CLAWS him.
Jake recovers and PUNCHES Scrappy's balls taking him down. He straddles Scrappy, "No one touches my balls and gets away with it!" Jake gets back to back with Scrappy, locks arms, and carries the veteran on his back. "You weak little boy!" yells Jake. "MY BACK!" screams Scrappy. Jake is ENRAGED and ARM BARS Scrappy, worshipping his bicep. Scrappy breaks away, but Jake locks in a GUILLOTINE! Scrappy screams, "I GIVE!"
The match ends with the loser being LOW BLOWED, having their legs pinned, and being CHOKED from behind with two hands! Who will claim their throne as the King of Muscle Worship? You gotta buy it to find out! TRUST US, you will not be disappointed!!