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Scrappy mounts Joey King and grabs a camel clutch submission in Thunders Arena

Scrappy's Revenge on Joey King - Custom Video Series 44

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

When Joey King and Scrappy last met on the mats, Joey wiped the mats with him.  This video opens with Scrappy receiving a mysterious phone call from someone tipping him off to Joey’s weakness!  Scrappy tells the mysterious caller that “this will be revenge for you AND me!”…

Cut to the present where Joey King is on the mats and waiting for today’s opponent.  Scrappy walks onto the mat and Joey’s face lights up as he remembers the ass kicking he delivered during their last encounter!  A confident Scrappy starts pushing Joey around the mats, but Joey’s having none of it and clubs Scrappy to the mat!  “Oh, this is way too familiar!”  Joey wraps his arms around Scrappy’s neck in an early sleeper!  An alarm bell goes off in Joey’s head as Scrappy asks him how his knee’s doing!  Joey rains forearm blows down on Scrappy’s back before pulling him up in a seated ab stretch!  Scrappy is trapped as Joey humiliatingly slaps Scrappy’s pecs!  “Pathetic!”  Joey lands more forearm blows, feeling confident and cocky as Scrappy clutches his back in pain.  Joy starts cranking out press-ups as Scrappy walks over to a cupboard to get his ‘game plan’ – a bottle that he proceeds to smash over Joey’s injured knee!  Scrappy hauls Joey up to his feet and starts drilling fists into his abs before scooping him up and slamming him down on the broken bottle!  Scrappy has gone full heel turn, fuelled by a thirst for revenge against Joey!

Joey clutches his knee in agony as Scrappy mercilessly targets the weakened limb!  Scrappy pulls Joey into a sleeper hold, punctuated by brutal kicks to the injured knee – Joey is in serious trouble!  Joey is sleepered out!  But Scrappy is far from done – he wants Joey to admit that he is King!  Joey begs for a timeout, but Scrappy is in no mood to grant favours!  Joey has no idea what he’s awakened in Scrappy.  Scrappy is utterly without mercy in his beatdown of Joey, going after the knee again and again!  Whoever made that mysterious phone call must REALLY have it in for Joey!  Scrappy takes on a maniacal glee as he sleepers Joey out again – but he still hasn’t heard what he wants to hear!

Joey comes around as Scrappy is doing press-ups.  Scrappy hauls hum up – Joey can barely stand on his leg!  Scrappy viciously attacks with bearhugs and back breakers, all the while peppering Joey’s knee!  A nasty full nelson has Joey forced to stand on the injured leg, but he still won’t say that Scrappy’s King!  Scrappy is ruthless, brutalising Joey with hold after painful hold, but Joey still refuses to give Scrappy what he wants.  Frustration starts to seep through as Scrappy wonders what he has to do to break the pro?!  Will Scrappy succeed in breaking his nemesis?  Or can Joey weather the onslaught and eke out a win?  And will we ever find out who the mysterious caller was?  Get this awesome match today to find out for yourself!