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Ankle breaker Thunders arena

Scrappy vs Joey King - Custom Video Series 61

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Scrappy is super excited to be learning to wrestle from a pro, Joey King. But Joey King is a mean, ornery SOB who doesn’t like rookies at all. Scrappy shows up in his street clothes, thinking he’ll have an opportunity to change into his gear. Instead Joey King pulls him into the ring and starts the match while Scrappy is still in his street clothes. Joey King stuns Scrappy with a series of moves ending in a tree of woe, when he strips Scrappy down to his briefs.
Joey King is especially mean, looking to hurt Scrappy and send him on his way permanently! He delights in making Scrappy squeal out submission after submission, focusing on Scrappy’s legs and back. Scrappy doesn’t understand why the veteran is so ruthless, he’s almost crying saying that he just wants to learn. But the veteran only ups the assault, crushing Scrappy’s balls and softening up his neck/head for the KO to come, he drags Scrappy all over the ring beating him up.
Finally he’s had enough of the kid and sets him up in the center of the ring for a devastating belly to back piledriver that leaves Scrappy twitching. But not content, he DDTs the kid before setting him up for the final tombstone piledriver, leaving him KO’d this time.