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Scrappy vs Karl - Vegas Battles 16

Scrappy vs Karl - Vegas Battles 16

$ 24.99
$ 32.95

Thunder’s Arena returns to Las Vegas for this epic match between superstar Scrappy and bodybuilder Karl, a new addition to the roster!

The two start out flexing and posing at each other, trying to psych the other out.  “You’re tiny next to me” Karl taunts Scrappy, but Scrappy isn’t fazed.  “Yeah, you got some muscles man, but you think I’m scared of you?” “You should be.”  Karl suddenly lashes out, grabbing Scrappy in a headlock and forcing him down into a standing headscissor!  Karl’s MASSIVE quads are rock hard as he pulverises Scrappy – the trapped superstar can do nothing except take the pain as Karl squeezes and pulses his muscular legs!  Scrappy is on the verge of passing out from the pressure, so Karl switches to an upside-down bearhug, hauling Scrappy up like he’s nothing!  Scrappy is in serious trouble as Karl bends and folds him like a pretzel before dropping onto his back and pulling his legs back, further torturing Scrappy’s spine!  Karl stomps on Scrappy before clamping on a TIGHT rear choke!  Karl shakes Scrappy from side to side before pulling him into his waiting thighs for a scissor / choke combo!  Karl has Scrappy tied up like a Python, crushing and squeezing him for all he’s worth – Scrappy is muscled out!  Karl is far from done as he slaps Scrappy awake, hauling the suffering stud up into another choke hold!  Scrappy’s eyes roll back in his head as he again succumbs to Karl’s power.  But Karl still isn’t done!  He pulls Scrappy up into a bone-crunching rear bearhug, switching to a front bearhug to further punish Scrappy’s back!  Scrappy’s face is a portrait of pain as Karl pulverises him!  Karl drops Scrappy to the floor, flexing and posing over him, giving Scrappy a chance to recover.  Perhaps realising he won’t win with power alone, Scrappy plays possum claiming he’s hurt his back before lashing out with a headlock of his own on the Vegas powerhouse!  Scrappy is looking for some payback as he cranks the hold on HARD!  Scrappy slaps a sleeper on the bodybuilder, dragging him between his waiting thighs – his quads want revenge!  Scrappy pours all his muscle and power into the hold, crushing Karl’s skull between his rock-hard legs!  It’s too much for the bodybuilder as he passes out in Scrappy’s scissors!

Its all-out war as Karl scoops Scrappy up for multiple backbreakers before choking him and unleashing his huge quads on poor Scrappy’s midsection – “Oh god, your thighs!” Scrappy exclaims as he finds himself again crushed by Karl’s powerful legs!  An AMAZING and BRUTAL Boston Crab has Scrappy in real trouble as Karl sits it in deep with his bowling-ball glutes high on Scrappy’s back!  Both men’s impressive physiques glisten with sweat as they tear into each other - gut punching, chokes, a torture rack, forearm smashes and more!  Definitely one of the most INTENSE and ROUGH matches we have EVER filmed!  Add this incredible match to your collection now!