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Scrappy vs Kasee - No Holds Barred 131

Scrappy vs Kasee - No Holds Barred 131

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Muscle worship fans, it doesn't get much better than this! Scrappy and Kasee stand on the mat. "So they put me with you? You can't compare yourself to me though all the fans I have!" says Scrappy. "You have fans?" The muscle studs flex comparing muscles and debate who has more fans. "You wanna worship me too, be a fan? asks Scrappy. Kasee agrees to try it out, "If I can't worship you, it's cuz I tried." "We can make it happen!" says Scrappy as he massages Kasee's shoulders. "Just making you comfortable! Hey fan, you wanna drop to your knees right now?" asks Scrappy. Kasee has had enough, "I can't!"
They lock up. Scrappy pushes his fan away. "You're so strong!" admires Kasee as he worships his bulging biceps. The muscle hunks continue flexing. Scrappy lets Kasee take the spotlight as he traces his abs. "You like that don't you? You like touching me!" says Kasee.  Scrappy leans in. "You trying to kiss me?" "I tried to kiss you?" Scrappy locks in a tight full nelson then transitions to a DRAGON SLEEPER! Kasee moans in pain as Scrappy worships his chiseled abs then lets him go. Kasee recovers, and the muscle bulls continue flexing for the camera. "You got some baby abs and a little bit of legs. You want me to worship this leg?" Kasee gets on his knees and works his way up worshipping Scrappy's leg. "That's a real leg!" Time for payback. Kasee flexes his quad as Scrappy gets on his knees checking out that muscle. "What do you let your fans do to you?" Scrappy PEC CLAWS Kasee's thick chest from behind. "Getting a little grabby!" "I'm what the fans like!" declares Scrappy as he releases his hold. Kasee begins worshipping Scrappy's chest and sniffs his neck sending the muscle vet into a RAGE. "You tried to sniff my neck or kiss my ear?" He lifts Kasee in a massive bearhug as he moans in pain. "That's nice!" The muscle hunk reaches over Scrappy's thick delts and worship his ripped back while in the bearhug. "You like it when I dig in don't you?" asks Kasee. "Do you like it when I dig in?" Scrappy SQUEEZES his bearhug tighter as Kasee crumbles to the mat. "You got decent arms, legs, chest!" admires Scrappy. Kasee gets back up as they stand chest to chest comparing armpits. Scrappy reaches in getting a quick hair pull. "What the?" Kasee is caught off guard as Scrappy chokes him against the wall and GUT PUNCHES his abs. The dominant muscle beast lifts Kasee across his chest and into a BACK BREAKER. "Just wanna worship your abs more, just another little fan!" says Scrappy. "You're my fan!" Kasee breaks away mounting the muscle stud on the mat and pins his arms. "Take this to a whole other level!" says Scrappy. "I am the next level. I'm gonna retire you!" Kasee begins TICKLE TORTURING Scrappy. The muscle beast throws his opponent off and locks in a sleeper, "See how rough you like it?" Kasee's muscular frame goes limp in Scrappy's arms. He passes out leaving Scrappy open to worship his chiseled back. 
Kasee wakes up and begs the dominant Scrappy, "Let me love on you!" The muscle hunk SMOTHERS Kasee's face against his abs. "That's real nice!" Scrappy is in complete control, lays his victim into another back breaker, worships his abs, and BALL CLAWS him. Kasee likes some pain, but this is a whole nother level, "I give!" screams the muscle hunk as he falls to the mat. The match heats up with muscle domination and more intense action!  Bicep kissing, spanking, a belly to belly upside down bearhug leads to a crippling Boston crab, overhead press, and DEVASTATING sleeper! One will be left standing, and one will be passed out on the mat. The winner gets the pleasure of worshipping his prize all to himself. Who will it be?