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body builder in an ab stretch

Scrappy vs Kasee - No Holds Barred 139

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Kasee flexes while Scrappy looks in disbelief, "Who wears socks to a wrestling match? You know you're gonna slide around everyone right?" "Screw you! I'm gonna slide around beating you!" Scrappy ain't about to be disrespected by a newbie and picks him up in a CHOKELIFT, "I'm gonna show you why you don't belong at Thunder's and why Scrappy still reigns here!" Kasee is dropped down as the vet stomps his abs and delivers a brutal FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK! "This is my mat!" The newbie screams in pain as Scrappy rips off his socks and flexes tighter. Kasee flips the vet over in the leg lock, and now Scrappy is struggling. "You're not talking too much now pretty boy!" Scrappy breaks away and battles back with a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug shaking him up and down, "Think you're strong or something?" Kasee gasps for air as he falls face first to the mat and into a crippling camel clutch! With the newbie unable to stand, Scrappy BODY SPLASHES his back over and over crushing him into the mat! Kasee howls in pain as he's picked up in an over the knee BACK BREAKER and delivered a brutal dirty trick! "It's your lucky day; you get to be beat by me! See why Scrappy is the best!" Kasee can barely stand and is taken down in a VERTICAL SUPLEX! The newbie is being destroyed as the vet applies a leg choke and gut punches his abs, "Where's the fight in you?" Kasee struggles to stay conscious and passes out, but he is woken up by one of Scrappy's dirty tricks! A full nelson, front bearhug, and LEG-BREAKING Boston crab has Kasee collapsing to the mat in exhaustion. "You tired? I'm doing all the work!" "I'm just letting you!" Scrappy flexes for his fans when Kasee surprises him with a lifted full nelson worshipping his abs, "I got you now!" "Get your hands off me!" The newbies flexes as Scrappy recovers. "You don't even deserve to flex on this mat!" The vet is on fire and UNLOADS: gut punches, a double pec claw, a POWERSLAM! Kasee is totally gassed and under Scrappy's complete control as he's KNOCKED OUT with a face first bulldog to the mat! The newbie wakes up and still has some fight left in him. It's a race to the finish: a figure four leg lock battle, vertical suplex, a massive PILEDRIVER! With both muscle hunks pulling out their bags of dirty tricks, you will be on the edge of your seat seeing who is gonna win!