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Scrappy vs Loki - Mat Rats 167

$ 34.75

Run Time: 20 min.

Scrappy and Loki waste no time with the trash talking! Flexing turns into wrestling real fast when Scrappy grips Loki in a bearhug squeezing his ribs tighter and tighter! He drops Loki to the mat and locks in an inverted Boston crab before stretching out and locking Loki in a choke hold! Loki will take that from Scrappy and locks him in a full nelson! Scrappy yells out in pain and begins to pass out slowly! Loki releases Scrappy only to hold him in a brutal chicken wing moving into a dragon sleeper. Loki slams his fists into Scrappy's abs and flexes his biceps. Loki talks trash while flexing before lifting him upside down and TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVING him into the mat knocking him out cold!

Scrappy slowly shakes out of sleep and begins to stand before Loki stands over him wrapping his quads around his head and squeezes in a tight standing head scissors! Scrappy feigns injury only to sneak attack Loki and  get him in a full nelson. Loki flexes over and over trying to break out until he slams his arms down and gets out! Loki has had enough and begins to display his power! He lifts scrappy in a fireman's carry before flinging him in the air in a excruciating choke lift!

Next, Loki goes for torture! He stretches Scrappy out displaying every inch of shredded muscle on camera! Scrappy mounts a comeback but is stopped in his tracks with a brutal over the knee back breaker! Loki slams his elbows into Scrappy's abs and Scrappy nearly passes out from the pain! Scrappy yells that he has had enough but Loki is not done! He lifts Scrappy overhead in his INFAMOUS GORILLA PRESS! Scrappy is helpless dangling above Loki's head! Is Loki going to finish Scrappy now? Or will Scrappy find a chance to comeback and snatch the victory away? DOWNLOAD TODAY AND FIND OUT!