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Scrappy Marco body scissors tattoos arms legs thighs

Scrappy vs Marco - Custom Video Series 42

$ 24.95

Rising star Scrappy is stretching out on the mats when Marco enters:  “I just watched your video – you got your ass kicked in Vegas.  I bet I could do it better though – sleeper you out”  “Oh, you mean Brute.  You’re like half his size – I don’t see you sleepering me out anytime soon!”  Oh Scrappy, there are some things you just shouldn’t say!  Scrappy is obviously in the mood for a match as he launches himself at Marco, slapping a Full Nelson on the surprised bodybuilder before he can do anything about it!  Scrappy if brimming with confidence as he takes Marco down to the mat, immobilising his arms and scissoring his torso.  Marco takes it, patiently waiting for his moment.  Scrappy is unable to get a submission and reluctantly let’s Marco go.  Marco immediately pounces on Scrappy and the two lock up, with Marco going low and lifting Scrappy off the mat with ONE ARM!  In almost slow-motion, Marco wraps his arms around Scrappy’s head for the promised Sleeper hold, his biceps and forearms cinching inexorably into position.  Scrappy remembers only too well what it is like to succumb to the dreaded hold and, in utter desperation, shoots a low blow into Marco’s crotch!  Scrappy is all over Marco with Hammer locks and leg scissors, but Marco is just too powerful and Scrappy is left frustrated again.  The two men lock up again, this time with Marco going low!  Scrappy gets distracted looking for his glasses, giving Marco the opportunity he was looking for!  Marco claws Scrappy’s pecs from behind, before wrapping his bicep around for that Sleeper hold.  This time, Marco low blows Scrappy first, dissuading the rookie from trying anything – the hold is on!  Scrappy tries valiantly to escape, but he knows he’s locked in as Marco’s big biceps constrict tighter around Scrappy’s neck, cutting off his oxygen supply as Scrappy has no choice but to surrender to the encroaching darkness!  Marco is an expert at applying the deadly hold and Scrappy is soon unconscious in Marco’s arms, his taut body on full display!

Scrappy is out cold on the mat, but Marco is keen to make a point – he’s not done yet!  Marco slaps Scrappy awake and crouches down ready to continue the match.  A clearly groggy Scrappy locks up, but he’s not fully awake yet and Marco takes him down HARD!  Marco is all over Scrappy as the suffering stud tries to put together some form of defence!  A combination leglock and chinlock from Marco has Scrappy tapping out!  Scrappy gingerly gets to his feet and is met by a massive CLOTHESLINE from Marco!  Poor Scrappy is grounded again as the sadistic Marco goes back to Scappy’s legs, wrapping him up in a figure-4 leglock!  Marco has a huge grin on his face as he watches Scrappy writhe and slap the mat in absolute agony!  Marco releases the hold and rolls Scrappy over, drags him to his knees and applies a Cobra Clutch!  Scrappy again fights with everything he has to escape, but Marco has it locked in tight!  Marco even adds a twist, releasing one arm and grabbing Scrappy’s legs, pulling back in a Bow & Arrow!  Scrappy frantically submits, but it’s too late as he passes out again!  And Marco still isn’t done…

There is something about Scrappy that has the Thunder’s wrestlers queuing up to beat him down and today is no exception!  Scrappy fights bravely, but is repeatedly defeated by the veteran’s onslaught!  Torture racks, low blows, bear hugs and SO MANY SLEEPERS.  Submissions are ignored as Marco utterly destroys the young stud!  How much more can Scrappy take?  Marco gets overconfident, giving Scrappy a chance to fight back!  Can Scrappy capitalise and eke out a win?  Or is he destined for humiliation and destruction?  The battle continues until, ultimately, a crucifix Cobra Clutch seals one wrestler’s fate.  This is one you will prize in your collection and will come back to again and again – an absolute must own!