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Scrappy vs Marco 'Keyboard Warrior' - Custom Video Series 71

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

“We were just playing, man!” “We’re not playing anymore.”

Scrappy is itching for some fun and decides to play with Marco, posing as a trash-talking ‘keyboard warrior’, sending him text messages from his computer to goad him.  Scrappy is getting himself all worked up as he composes the messages, bouncing his pecs as he waits for the unsuspecting Marco to respond.  Marco thinks this is just some fan trashing him – he has no idea it’s actually Scrappy trying to get him all wound up!  Marco decides it’s time to hit the gym and returns to the house, where he finds Scrappy on his computer.  Marco figures he’ll send one last message to the mystery guy when suddenly Scrappy’s computer chimes.  “Did you just get a text?” asks Marco.  “Yeah,” says Scrappy “At the same time you sent one – coincidence, huh?”  Marco gets suspicious and sends another – again, Scrappy’s computer chimes.  Marco sends another and again, the computer chimes.  This is not what Scrappy planned – Marco has rumbled his game!  Suddenly Marco decides he’s going to try a different workout today and give this ‘Keyboard Warrior’ what’s coming to him!  Marco lunges in, grabs Scrappy by the throat and hauls him up, carrying him to the darkened mat room…

Scrappy is on his knees in the middle of the mat as Marco switches on the lights and strips out of his shorts, ready to give Scrappy the beating of his life and send a message to all the other ‘Keyboard Warriors’ watching!  Marco starts off by grabbing Scrappy’s chin, roughly pulling him into a headlock.  Marco starts repeating back all the things that Scrappy put in his messages, making crystal clear what he’s about to do!  Marco pulls Scrappy’s shirt off and yanks his trousers down, stripping him down to his underwear.  Marco manoeuvres Scrappy’s head between his legs for a Standing Headscissor.  “Oh yeah, didn’t you say you were going to crush me with your big quads?” As he’s saying this, Marco ratchets up the pressure, Scrappy screaming in agony as Marco’s lethal thighs push inexorably against his skull!  Marco lets up on the scissor, only to drape Scrappy over his knee for a wide-open ball claw!

Things take a turn for the brutal as Marco decides to wreck Scrappy’s fingers!  Scrappy is in desperate pain as Marco stomps on his hands before pulling him into his waiting thighs for a TIGHT bodyscissor!  Scrappy is in pain, but still defiant – so Marco decides to punish him some more!  Scrappy spits on Marco, so Marco sits high on his chest and rams is balls into Scrappy’s face!  “That’ll stop you spitting!”  Marco is nowhere near done yet as he wraps his arm around Scrappy’s neck for a Dragon Sleeper, then a Cobra Clutch!  Marco is utterly relentless – you have never seen him this sadistic and brutal!  A cross-arm bar leaves Scrappy open for more hand punishment – Scrappy won’t be typing again anytime soon!  What else does Marco have in store for Scrappy?  You’ll have to watch this incredible Custom match to find out!