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Scrappy Marco inside down bearhug pecs chest lift carry

Scrappy vs Marco - No Holds Barred 69

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

#1 Bestseller August 2016

Ever since Scrappy arrived at Thunder’s Arena, fans have been asking “When’s he gonna fight Marco?”  Well, here it is – and it’s No Holds Barred!!

Scrappy is chilling on the mats when he’s blindsided and ambushed by Marco!  Feeling threatened by the fan attention Scrappy has been getting, Marco decides he’s going to teach the rookie ‘how to wrestle’! Marco is all over Scrappy as the new recruit tries to get his bearings after the sneak attack.  “Who are you anyway?” asks Scrappy – BIG MISTAKE!!  Marco decides to punish Scrappy for his insolence by going No Holds Barred.  Scrappy asks what Marco is talking about, before finding out first-hand what Marco is talking about as his balls are crushed in Marco’s iron grip!  Marco STRIPS Scrappy of his shorts, leaving only very brief yellow trunks (which he looks AMAZING in btw)!  Marco lifts Scrappy up into a bearhug, but Scrappy has had time to recover and counters with a choke!  Scrappy certainly lives up to his name – the guy doesn’t stay still!  The two men struggle, until Marco takes a cheap shot once again and LIFTS SCRAPPY UP BY HIS BALLS!!!  This is just plain cruel!  Whilst Marco flexes over him, Scrappy takes the opportunity to level the playing field and strip Marco down to his trunks and it is on!

Marco picks up his shorts and wraps them around Scrappy’s neck, cutting off Scrappy’s air!  Throwing the coughing wrestler to the mat, Marco follows up with a kneeling head scissor, arrogantly flexing and crunching down his abs as Scrappy tries to escape!  Picking Scrappy up, Marco again goes for the balls, Scrappy screaming in pain as his manhood is crushed!  Is there a history here?  Did Scrappy cross Marco at some point in the past to warrant this treatment?  Marco’s arrogance knows no bounds as he challenges Scrappy to show him some moves.  Challenge accepted!  Scrappy wraps his arm around Marco’s neck, trapping the bodybuilder in a rear choke!  Scrappy plays with fire as he literally SPANKS MARCO’S ASS!  Anyone who has seen any of Marco’s matches knows that he won’t stand for that for long!  A nasty (and long held!) arm lock nearly wrenches Marco’s shoulder out of its socket!  Scrappy converts the hold to a Full Nelson, Marco’s body on full display as he is stretched.  Then a revenge-filled ball claw of Scrappy’s own!

Marco recovers and redefines the meaning of punishment as he again goes for Scrappy’s balls, lifting him up so that gravity is pulling all his weight down in the most painful way a man can experience!  You sure as heck won’t find this on TV!  The pain increases as both graduate from ball claws to full-on punches! A tight headscissor has Scrappy grimacing, his head framed between Marco’s awesome legs!  Back breakers, torture racks, hair pulling, ball punches, Marco’s signature schoolboy pin, this match is DIRTY!  Scrappy keeps coming back for more - this kid is intense!  Hammer locks, more claws, headlocks, bear hugs, ab pounding, this match will keep you guessing right to the end!  Get this match now to see which hunk earns the victory – will it be the skilled mat veteran, Marco?  Or will Scrappy’s unorthodox style and tenacity win the day?  Buy this HOT match now and find out for yourself!