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Mark Muscle Scrappy Thunders Arena Las Vegas bodyscissors

Scrappy vs Mark Muscle - Vegas Battles 07

$ 25.95

#1 Bestseller November 2016

Its big man versus small man in this Thunders Arena Battle coming straight from Sin City. In this matchup we see the massively muscular Mark Muscle taking on the lean and shredded Scrappy in a bout putting brute force against lightning speed. Theres a ton of bad blood between these two right off the bat. While doing an interview and talking about his "hard and heavy" training program and his meticulous high protein meal plan, Scrappy storms out of the bedroom, ranting and raving about not being able to sleep with everything going on. Mark, frustrated about being interrupted while discussing his favorite topic (himself), decides to take Scrappy on in a posedown. After dominating him shot for shot and flex for flex, Mark Muscle decides to physically dominate Scrappy as well, trapping him in a series of vicious bearhugs, taking his time and squeezing the life out of the young wrestler. Next up is a series of brutal headscissors and bodyscissors holds, featuring Mark Muscle squeezing scrappy with his massively powerful tree trunk like legs, all while forcing the beaten down scrappy to grasp desperately at the massive quads as the crush him! Finally rolling out of the hold and crawling on the carpet below, Scrappy breathes a sigh of relief before the machine like Mark Muscle grabs him in another skull crushing headscissors, squeezing his head between his giant thighs. Mark Muscle proceeds to punish Scrappy from head to toe with a series of brutal stretches and submissions, before almost breaking him in half with a backbreaker hold. After Mark Muscle gives Scrappy a quick breather to regain his strength for more punishment, the two sculpted specimens begin posing and flexing their ripped muscles in the luxurious Las Vegas hotel room. Scrappy struggles to show off his impressive cuts and definition as the massive Mark Muscle towers over him, each bulging bicep about the same size as Scrappys entire head. Alway the brash show off, and off a hot winning streak on the strip, Mark Muscle pulls Scrappy close with a single arm headlock, while he continues his posing show, now with Scrappy up close and personal. Mark Muscle calmly flexes his massive pecs and giant arms as Scrappy struggles to free himself. Eventually breaking away, Scrappy attempts to steal back the spotlight, stepping right infront of Mark Muscle to strike a pose, only to be caught in a gigantic bearhug, experiencing first hand the tormenting crushing power of Mark Muscles huge chest and arms. Mark puts the squeeze on young scrappy, eventually applying enough pressure to make Scrappy black out in pain and collapse to the floor.