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Scrappy vs Mercury - Vegas Battle 76

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Rock-hard muscle, chiseled abs...the title of MOST SHREDDED is on the line! A flex off has both wrestlers arguing over who has the better body. "You're never gonna be like this!" taunts Mercury. "I look better, and I'm stronger!" threatens Scrappy. A vicious SMACK to the groin has Mercury crumbling to the mat as Scrappy pins Mercury down with his foot flexing. Angry, Mercury recovers and wraps Scrappy in a tight full nelson and belly to back bearhug SHAKING him around. "Not so strong now huh?" mocks Mercury slamming Scrappy to the ground flexing his chiseled frame. Scrappy retaliates with a fireman's carry but is dragged down in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. The veins in Mercury's arms nearly burst as he cranks back on Scrappy's neck harder and harder! In agony, Scrappy's eyes begin to roll back as his face is SHOVED into the mat nearly knocking him out. "Get a picture of that!" flexes Mercury admiring his shredded physique. Scrappy sneaks up from behind with a back to back torture racks squatting and shaking Mercury as he screams in pain. "I'm gonna break you!" threatens Scrappy. Desperate, Mercury CHOPS Scrappy's abs over and over trying to escape but is forced to submit collapsing to the mat. The battle for most shredded rages on as both wrestlers STRUGGLE for a pin using an arm-bar, grueling ab stretch, and tight half nelson trying to rip each other apart! Back on their feet, Scrappy and Mercury flex admiring each other's chiseled abs. Scrappy breaks away and picks Mercury up for an over-the-knee back breaker STRETCHING Mercury out across his knee. Mercury groans in pain struggling for air; his shredded abs attacked with brutal gut punches and elbow drops! Breathing hard and heavy, Scrappy and Mercury fight for a win using double pec claw, painful leg stretch, scissor/sleeper combos, reverse head scissors, and a GROIN-BREAKING banana split. "Feel that muscle, all those shreds!" orders one wrestler; the brutal match ending with total domination!