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Scrappy vs Reef - Mat Rats 183

$ 20.00
$ 31.25

Reef comes to Scrappy for a coaching session (more like Scrappy is cocky and insists on giving Reef a lesson), but Scrappy is preparing to beat Reef down into the mat. Scrappy locks in a tight full nelson stretching every fiber in Reef's abs. Reef is feeling the stretch from Scrappy who goes into a side headlock and even further ab stretch. The pain sets in for Reef and Scrappy insists he try moves on him now. Scrappy walks Reef through a move, but loses his cool on Reef each time he messes up. Reef begins to take offense and really crank in the moves on Scrappy! 

The match goes off the rails when Scrappy decides to take the match live! He snatches Reef off the mat and drops him into an over the knee backbreaker nearly snapping Reef's back. An exchange of power moves leaves Scrappy mesmerized at the strength of Reef. Inexperience shows as Scrappy takes control of Reef while giving his "coaching." Reef loses his cool and slaps Scrappy in the back of the head! Scrappy snaps but Reef is already in his face. Will Scrappy's anger drive him to the win? Or is Reef's power too much for Scrappy to handle?


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