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Scrappy vs Reggie - No Holds Barred 230

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

As Scrappy steps on the mat, he knows he's up against a formidable opponent, weighing in at a massive 265 lbs with hair covering every inch of his body. But Scrappy is not one to back down from a challenge, and he's determined to emerge victorious.

As the two men face off, and Scrappy wastes no time getting straight onto Reggie's back. But before he can make a move, Reggie stands up and slams him to the ground with bone-shattering force. The impact is so brutal that Scrappy's body bounces off the mat, leaving him dazed and disoriented.

But Scrappy is not one to give up easily, and he soon shows his strength by lifting the 265 lbs Reggie up in a tight chest to chest bearhug! The two titans are locked in a fierce battle of wills, with Scrappy determined to prove that he's not to be underestimated.

But just when it seems like Scrappy might have the upper hand, Reggie kicks him square in the chest, sending him flying across the mat and crashing into the wall. The impact is so forceful that Scrappy feels like he's been hit by a freight train.

Determined not to go down without a fight, Scrappy resorts to dirty tactics, using a ball claw and a brutal wedgie to take Reggie down. The two men go back and forth, with Reggie using his power and Scrappy using his aggression to gain the upper hand.

Finally, after a grueling battle, Scrappy manages to get a solid schoolboy pin on Reggie. But just when he thinks he's won, Reggie uses a clever ruse to distract him and flings him across the mat. Scrappy is left reeling, barely able to stand as Reggie lifts him up over his head and bodyslams him down.

But Scrappy is not out for the count yet - he digs deep and finds a second wind, hoisting Reggie up over his shoulders for a move that will go down in history. What happens next? Download today and find out - if you dare!