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Scrappy vs Santiago - Halloween Havoc 2016 Round 2

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Scrappy and Santiago are already on the mats and locking up as the video opens.  Scrappy (in purple trunks) gets the first advantage, getting behind the Argentinian and clamping on a full nelson!  Santiago manages to counter by bending forwards, taking Scrappy off his feet – effective!  Scrappy takes them down to the mat for a ground bearhug, but Santiago reverses out and goes to town on Scrappy’s abs!  Santiago follows up with a smothering body scissors on Scrappy, but gets cocky and starts flexing his biceps giving Scrappy an opening to escape!  Scrappy scissors Santiago’s legs, immobilising him.  Frustrating for the young bodybuilder, but not enough to make him submit.  Santiago flips them and slaps a choke/scissor combo on Scrappy! Scrappy manages to pull them both up enough to throw Santiago over his head to the mat!  Scrappy follows up with an arm lock attempt, but Santiago is too strong and Scrappy has to settle for just trapping the arm.  Santiago is wide open for Scrappy to drill his fist into Santiago’s impressive midsection!  Santiago grimaces in pain as Scrappy unloads on his abs.  Suddenly Santiago sees an opening and grabs Scrappy, snapmaring him to the mat!  With incredible speed, Santiago seizes the advantage over Scrappy, getting behind him and wrapping his muscular arm around Scrappy’s neck for a choke!  Santiago pulls Scrappy into his waiting legs, his big quads snaking round Scrappy’s body in a scissor hold.  Santiago adds to the already agonising hold by grabbing and pulling at Scrappy’s head – it looks like Santiago is trying to pull it off!

Scrappy manages to escape and pulls Santiago off the mat, before JACKHAMMERING Santiago neck-first into the mat OVER AND OVER AGAIN!  Scrappy is all smiles as Santiago eventually gets up and the two lock up again.  This time it is Scrappy who is taken down and pulled, once again, into Santiago’s legs – this time in a textbook perfect rear headscissors!  Scrappy’s face is a picture of pain and desperation as he tries to escape, all the while fighting against the encroaching blackness of unconsciousness.  Using pure instinct, his face bright red from the incredible pressure, Scrappy manages to turn out of the hold and quickly drags a surprised Santiago up into a rear bearhug!  Santiago is lifted off the mat as his ribs are crushed, but he uses his impressive strength to power out, immediately taking Scrappy back to the mat.  Santiago stomps the back of the prone Scrappy, obviously not afraid to kick a man while he’s down!  A slip-up leaves Santiago open to attack from a rear naked choke, and Scrappy is only too happy to oblige as he bears down with all his strength!  Scrappy is grinning from ear to ear as he looks down at the suffering Santiago!  Scrappy goes for a backbreaker on the bodybuilder, but Santiago counters.  Scrappy claws Santiago’s big pecs, then tries for the backbreaker again, this time getting it!  Scrappy embellishes the painful hold with ab punches and ball claws!  A double leg takedown has Scrappy back on the defence as Santiago grabs him by the throat in a blatant choke!  A tight Schoolboy Pin from Santiago has Scrappy forced to feel the bodybuilder’s muscle as he is trapped!

Bearhugs, arm locks, face locks, choke lifts, nelsons, pec claws – the list goes on!  These two are so evenly matched, with the match bringing twist after twist.  Will Santiago claim the victory?  Or will Scrappy embrace his inner Heel and notch up the W? This one will keep you guessing right up to the final, drawn-out sleeper – add it to your collection today!