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Scrappy vs Silas - Mat Rats 170

$ 31.59

Scrappy and Silas meet on the mat for the first time! Silas admires Scrappy's body luring him into a sense of comfort until he insults Scrappy calling him the "New Guy". Scrappy gets cocky and flexes in Silas's face until he gets too close and Silas lifts him up in a tight belly to belly bearhug! Scrappy yells out in pain as Silas keeps talking trash. Scrappy head butts Silas from his knees and locks in a full nelson/dragon sleeper combination! Scrappy drops Silas to the mat and makes him feel his muscles. Until Silas once again insults Scrappy calling him tiny and Scrappy gut punches him and pins him to the mat! Silas counters and pins Scrappy to the mat now! Scrappy is stuck folded in half by Silas!

When both guys shake hands to call a truce, Scrappy uses a dirty move kneeing Silas in the abs and locking in a side headlock. Scrappy flips upside down into Silas and pulls himself up before slamming himself down as both guys crash to the mat! Scrappy uses and schoolboy pin and slams his body on Silas over and over taking the air from Silas's body! Then scrappy uses a bridge maneuver to lock in a vicious sleeper hold. Adding insult to injury Scrappy begins yanking at Silas's hair harder and harder than slamming his face to the mat. 

Silas has taken some punishment and it starts to show on his body! Scrappy continues beating on Silas using sleepers, back breakers, camel clutch submissions, and targets injuring Silas's arm before using a ball claw to finish Silas off! But Silas won't tap out and Scrappy isn't done with punishing him. Can Scrappy finish off the resilient Silas? Download and find out!