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Scrappy vs Slash - Ring Wars 46

Scrappy vs Slash - Ring Wars 46

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

“You look like a good warm-up for me…”

Scrappy is back in the ring, looking incredible and full of his signature cockiness and confidence!  His opponent for today?  Long-time Thunder’s wrestler, Slash!  Scrappy, in tiny coloured trunks (that are having to work seriously hard to contain his muscled ass!), looks across at Slash and declares that he’ll “be a good warm-up”. Confidence indeed!  Slash, in yellow trunks, has adopted a more aggressive streak in the ring and responds with a charging shoulder barge into Scrappy’s midsection, hoisting the musclestud up over his shoulder and spanking his ass before slamming him down!  Slash mounts Scrappy, pinning him to the canvas and ramming his hard pecs into Scrappy’s face!  Slash lifts Scrappy back up onto his shoulders, bounding his delts into Scrappy’s abs before slamming him down again and going right back to that mount!  Slash hooks a leg, folding Scrappy up for a pin, his free leg flailing in the air as he tries to escape – this is NOT how Scrappy thought this would go!  Slash drags Scrappy up off the canvas and straight into a rear bearhug – Scrappy’s eyes bulge as he feels the POWER from Slash’s arms pouring on IMMENSE pressure!  Scrappy’s face is a portrait of agony as Slash crushes the living daylights out of him before suddenly switching to a Full Nelson – scrappy is trapped and on display as Slash bears down HARD on Scrappy’s neck!  Slash takes them to the mat, wrapping his legs around Scrappy’s midsection for a CRUSHING bodyscissor!  Slash is in heel heaven as he puts the SQUEEZE on the superstar!  Scrappy manages to get to his feet for a lock-up, but Slash is ready – he scoops Scrappy up for a CROSS BODYSLAM!  All of Slash’s muscle crashes down on poor Scrappy like a pile of bricks!

Sensing victory may soon be his, Slash gets cocky and starts flexing for the camera.  Oh, Slash – never, NEVER underestimate Scrappy!  As Slash is flexing and posing, he is totally oblivious to Scrappy coming up behind until the musclestud fires a DEVASTATING forearm up between Slash’s legs, bringing the cocky veteran crashing to the mat in pain!  Scrappy is furious and goes to town on Slash’s legs and pecs.  Scrappy drags Slash up for a payback Nelson before clubbing him down to the canvas for ANOTHER ball shot!  Scrappy literally sits his ass down on Slash’s chest, flexing a double bicep pose for the camera.  Slash reaches up and pulls Scrappy back, but Scrappy follows it through and ends up on top.  Scrappy stretches out Slash’s hamstrings, throwing in MULTIPLE ball claws for good measure!  Scrappy slaps a sleeper on the suffering stud, but he’s not ready to put Slash out yet!  Low blows, schoolboy pins, gut punching, twisting pec claws, leg sweeps, scissors and SO much more – these guys go all out for the win!

Does Slash have what it takes to put Scrappy in his place?  Or will Scrappy’s dirty moves and muscular physique prove too much for the veteran wrestler to handle?   This is DEFINITELY a match you won’t want to miss!