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Sparrow puts Scrappy in a full nelson at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Scrappy vs Sparrow - No Holds Barred 106

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Ever wondered what happens behind closed doors?

Question: What do you get if you put two of our hottest, most popular and skilled wrestlers together on the mats?  And then what if you made it No Holds Barred?  Well, you’re about to find out!

Superstar Scrappy and Sparrow have met before, but never like this – this is an INTENSE, all-out, action packed NHB brawl!  Scrappy looks incredible in microscopic green trunks, whilst Sparrow is in a two-tone number.  There is no pre-amble, no trash talk as these two go straight at it, with Sparrow immediately laying into Scrappy with a hard takedown.  Sparrow has DEFINITELY been working on his skills – he’s all over Scrappy, manhandling him into a grapevine before throwing him all over the mat!  Scrappy whimpers in pain as Sparrow grabs his balls!  Sparrow can’t help but grin as Scrappy suffers beautifully!  Sparrow is like a whirlwind, attacking Scrappy with speed like we’ve never seen!  “It’s too much!” yells Scrappy as Sparrow again goes for the balls!  Sorry Scrappy – this is No Holds Barred, remember?!

Sparrow is relentless, rolling Scrappy up for a smothering pin.  Scrappy escapes and charges in for an attack, but Sparrow is ready for him and Scrappy finds himself slammed back to the mat.  The action is fast and furious as the two hunks battle back and forth, with Sparrow using dirty moves again and again and again!  Scrappy soaks up the punishment, his hard-earned physique on brutal display as Sparrow manhandles him.  An over-the-knee backbreaker has Scrappy in pain as Sparrow demands his surrender!  The sweat is pouring off Sparrow as he scores another pin!

The two men start feeling each other out, looking for weak spots.  Muscle battle gives way to muscle admiration and worship – but it’s not long before egos take over again and Scrappy finds himself trapped in Sparrow’s thick legs!  Scrappy pays him back in kind though, crushing Sparrow’s head between his quads, before planting his ass on Sparrow’s chest for a crushing pin!  Scrappy mounts Sparrow for an assault on his pecs, but Sparrow has other ideas – he throws Scrappy off, then suddenly drags him off the mat; Sparrow wants to continue this in the bedroom!  Sparrow slams Scrappy down on the bed before folding him up in a smothering press!  Sparrow again attacks Scrappy’s balls, shoving him face-first against the wall before pulling him into a choke hold!  Scrappy tries to fight back, but Sparrow is relentless!  Scrappy gets a brief respite as Sparrow switches his attention to Scrappy’s perfect body, but is soon on the attack again!  The door is closed as Sparrow works Scrappy over like a pro, eliciting scream after agonised scream from the superstar.  The action is hypnotic as hold after hold is applied, with reversals and counter-reversals – not to mention all the trunk pulls, smothers, chokes and ball attacks!  Scrappy and Sparrow take it to another level in this intense match – you won’t want to miss a single scintillating second!