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Scrappy vs Stallion - Bodybuilder Battle 141

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"What's up little guy?" taunts Stallion towering over his small opponent. "Who you calling little? They put me against all these big guys; think you're the s**t, come in here, and throw me around!" Scrappy pushes the behemoth's beefy pecs over and over finally EXPLODING in a fit of rage, "I'm fed up! I am gonna whoop your a**, I don't care how big you are! This is my mat!" The vet flexes a double bicep as the Italian giant wraps his powerful pythons around him in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "What were you saying? Little guy, big mouth, that's how it works!" Scrappy groans in pain as he's hoisted into the air and shaken around, "Ahh that's tight! You don't know who you're messing with!" Back on his feet, the vet circles around the big man STRAINING for a full nelson of his own but can't reach around his monstrous traps. Playtime is over as Stallion unleashes his power! A RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug and vicious guillotine choke lead to the mountain of muscle carrying the lightweight across his gorilla sized chest, "Look at the little baby, haha, lights out!" The behemoth drops his victim in a GRUELING over-the-knee back breaker as Scrappy screams in agony collapsing to the mat! Barely moving, the devious 250 pounder sits on the vet's back crushing him into the ground and YANKS back on his legs, "I can't hear you talking now!" Struggling to breathe, Scrappy claws the mat helpless to move until the heavyweight gets up, and he peels himself up off the floor. Before he can recover, Stallion wraps his meathook size hands around his victim's throat for a DEVASTATING chokelift, "Never disrespect me again! You understand?" The vet fights to stay conscious answering with a whisper, "Yes!" "I can't hear you; say it a little louder for them in the back!" orders the behemoth lifting Scrappy higher before dropping him down. Hungry for more torture, Stallion drags the motionless stud to his feet engulfing his head with his bulging bicep in a dragon sleeper and HAMMERS away at his chest! "I can't breathe!" pleads Scrappy; his chiseled frame slumps under the tight embrace and passes out! The muscle beast flexes in victory as his maniacal laugh fills the arena, "Is he dead? Get up; you ain't done yet!" Stallion clubs the vet awake and walks around with open arms challenging him to do something, "Come on!" Crazily, Scrappy tries another full nelson but can't connect, so he jumps on the muscle hulk's back with a sleeper! "I'm gonna bring you down! Who's laughing now?" The vet SQUEEZES his thick neck as hard as he can but can't bring him down. Back in charge, Stallion continues his brutal assault: forearm blows, knees to the ribs, fireman's takedown, double chicken wings! Beaten and broken, Scrappy groans in pain struggling to recover as the muscle monster flexes over him. "I hate big guys every single one of you!" "I can't hear you from up here!" Stumbling to his feet, the vet surprises the behemoth with a barrage of quick gut punches and tries for a rear bearhug, but he can't penetrate his rock hard abs. Stallion scoops up the lightweight for a VIOLENT over-the-shoulder takedown and massive shoulder carry! Scrappy screams in agony as his insides are obliterated against the beast's boulder shoulder, and he is tossed down. "Want a leg?" taunts the Italian giant flexing his tree trunk quad next to the vet's head. His beatdown continues as Stallion picks up the lightweight in an upside down belly to back bearhug and PILEDRIVES him into the ground nearly knocking him out! The 250 pounder mounts his small victim's chest, "Are you done yet? Little s**t!" Scrappy refuses to give in, "I ain't done!" The muscle monster's reign of terror continues: vicious ball and chain, bodyslams, knees to the ribs, hair pulling, bearhugs. "You still alive? You're not worth my time!" declares Stallion pec bouncing his beefy chest. Scrappy struggles to get up challenging the muscle hulk to flex a double bicep. The naive behemoth takes the bait as the underdog jumps on his thick back surprising him with a sleeper! "Sneaky little bastard!" groans Stallion. "Big arms, wanna show them off now? Too bad you can't cuz I got you nice and tight. Go to sleep; this is Scrappy's mat!" A power struggle ensues as the mountain of muscle crumbles to his knees, and the vet SQUEEZES even tighter! Will it be the beginning of the end for the big man?