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Scrappy vs Striker - Mat Wars 131

$ 18.99
$ 25.00

A fight at the scales turns into an all-out BRAWL in this brutal matchup! "You look a little skinny over there; watch this!" mocks the new rookie stepping up to weigh in. "Watch what? You're gonna get your a** whooped is what you're gonna watch!" threatens Scrappy. Both weigh in at 165lbs as the vet flexes his rock-hard biceps, "A scale don't really matter! You warmed up?" "Let's go!" taunts Striker pushing and chest bumping Scrappy until he SNAPS, "New guy gonna push me around? I don't f***ing think so!" Nearly coming to blows, they head to the garage to settle the score. "Let me welcome you to Scrappy's mat!" "My mat now!" declares Striker. "You're funny; like to see you try and take this s**t from me!" A flex off ensues as the arrogant rookie inches closer and closer ready to strike. "Who do you think you are flexing that bicep in my face? You should have asked permission before you stepped on this mat!" yells Scrappy. "This is my mat now!" A quick tie up has the muscle beast parading his prey around in CRUSHING headlock, "You're gonna see who's f***ing mat this is!" Narrowly escaping, Striker tackles the vet and mounts his abs pinning him to the mat, "Nice curly hair, let me play with it!" mocks the newb YANKING his victim's skull around as he groans in pain straining to break free, "You don't know who you're f***ing with!" In control, Striker changes positions; his beefy glutes inches away from the vet's face as he POUNDS away on his chiseled abs, "What now curly head? I'll let you get up!" Struggling to stand, a panicked look sweeps across Scrappy's face, "Holy s**t! Is this kid a tornado? It's gotta be that rookie energy!" Barely on his feet, Striker SPEARS the muscle beast on his back trying over and over for a crossbody pin but only gets 2 count. "I've had enough of you, crazy kid! I'm gonna teach you a little wrestling and whose mat this is!" Dazed, Scrappy recovers and picks the rookie up across his chest SLAMMING him in an over-the-knee back breaker! Screaming in pain, Striker's ripped abs are HAMMERED with sharp elbows blows as he crumbles to the mat still taunting the vet, "Is that all you got?" "You want more? I'm gonna f***ing get exactly what I want from you!" threatens Scrappy wrapping his powerful python around the rookie in a VISELIKE headlock squeezing his face into his beefy pec, "You ever seen a chest like that before? Come on get out!" The intense pressure building in his brain, Striker narrowly escapes and picks up the vet SPINNING him around before slamming him down. "You're crazy man; take it easy!" begs a fearful Scrappy slow to his feet clutching his aching back. "I didn't come here to play; back up!" orders the newbie pushing the vet away. His blood boiling, Scrappy lifts his prey in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug shaking him like a rag doll as he screams in agony, "Break your back; how do you like that? This is my mat remember!" Unable to break away, Striker falls to the mat but soon recovers YANKING the vet's arm between his own legs as he howls in pain and is FLIPPED on his back trying for more pins. Full of rage, Scrappy battles back with a devastating sleeper; gasping for air, the rookie's chiseled frame goes limp passing out. "That's right; you're gonna learn!" laughs the muscle hunk flexing as Striker secretly wakes up and sends him CRASHING into the wall. A vicious gut punch battle erupts; both titans hammer away on each other's rock hard abs as they struggle to stand. "Whose mat is this? I'm taking over!" threatens the newbie. "It's my f***ing mat! I'm gonna pin you b****!" taunts Scrappy. Striker surprises the vet with a CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug and slams him down. "Think you're strong just cuz you can pick me up?" groans the muscle beast back on his feet flying through the air for an attack but is caught in the rookie's arms. A MID-AIR struggle ensues; Scrappy tries a guillotine choke but is lifted into a shoulder carry. "Now where you going?" taunts Striker. In desperation, the vet wraps his quads of steel around his skull in a reverse head scissor STRAINING to bring the 6ft rookie down, "You're stronger than I thought!" Gasping for air, Striker slams his captor down but is kicked to the mat where Scrappy unleashes his power: tight cradle, gut punches, full nelson/ab stretch combo, and RIB-SHATTERING body scissors, "Those f***ing little abs of yours are no match for these thighs!" Screaming in agony, the arrogant rookie still taunts the vet, "Come on pretty boy!" "Who you calling a pretty boy?" A grueling leg lock has Scrappy upside down YANKING back on the rookie's neck, "You wanna give? I can crank it harder if you like!" Unable to handle the excruciating pain, the rookie submits, but his torture doesn't end. A vicious dragon sleeper has Striker FLAILING his arms trying to escape but passes out in the powerful embrace. "This ain't no competition for Scrappy; wake up b****! Ready for more?" A double pec claw and slaps to the face jolt the rookie awake as he's rolled into a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. "You give? Just tap; I'm too strong!" Struggling to breathe, Striker is spared but suffers a back-breaking Boston crab. "What's the matter? You angry; don't like losing?" taunts Scrappy flexing as the rookie exacts his revenge: crushing rear bearhug, gut punches, tight cradle, pin attempts. Laid out, Striker mounts the struggling vet pinning him down and YANKS his head around again, "I'm not done! You didn't like me doing this; did you curly?" Groaning in pain; his hair nearly RIPPED from his head, Scrappy pleads for mercy, "Calm down!" "There's a lot of energy left!" Hold on tight as the action heats up! A crushing sleeper, stomps to the abs, tight cradle, bodyslam, shoulder carry, guillotine choke, and TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY leads to a final chilling promise, "Remember what I did to you out here! Gotta make sure you can't move a muscle; that you're out cold!