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head lock

Scrappy vs Tank - Custom Video Series 70

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Scrappy tells “Tink” he’s best buds with Clark, and he doesn’t appreciate how Tank tried to injure Clark. Tank says its none of his business.
Scrappy gets in Tank’s face, demanding an apology, and Tank laughs. They stand chest-to-chest for 10 seconds and stare each other down.
Scrapy tries to ram Tank, but gets nowhere. Tank controls Scrappy for a minute or two and sets him up in the corner for a shoulder-charge. Tank nails him, Tank charges again, Scrappy moves out of the way, and Tank rams his shoulder into the wall. Tank screams and falls to his knees.
It takes Scrappy a while to get it together.  Scrappy attacks shoulder—claws, chops, whatever.  Tank screams.
Scrappy sleepers him out from behind. Covers him for a pin.
Scrappy snaps Tank’s singlet straps to count pin (1-2-3-4)
Scrappy slaps Tank back to life; taunts him.
Leg scissors, with some pec claws.
Scrappy drags Tank around the floor/mat by his singlet straps.
“Let’s check out that shoulder now.” Scrappy pulls down Tank’s singlet straps and attacks the shoulders and upper arms.
The next sleeper is a Horizontal Cobra-Clutch Sleeper. Tank is face down on mat.  Scrappy is on Tank’s back and applies sleeper. Scrappy moves him around however he wants once he has the sleeper applied.
Tank goes out face up.
Scrappy lifts arms. Tries to slaps him awake but Tank is zzz.
“Scrappy asks Tank if he’s ready to apologize to Clark, and then moves Tank’s head to nod “yes.”
“That’s my boy—takin’ the high road.”
Tank finally gets to his feet, but Scrappy backs him up to the wall and attacks pecs + upper arms. Combo punches, some claws.
Gets behind Tank and bulldogs him to the ground. Tank is out face-down. Schoolboy pin.
Scrappy slaps him awake again.  “Come on—let’s dance some more.  You can show me how to do that Polska polka.”