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wrestler in a choke hold

Scrappy vs The Destroyer - Mat Rats 110

$ 25.95

Scrappy flexes for his fans when a large ominous figure totally ECLIPSES his lighting. The vet's face is pure panic getting his first look at the 260lbs Turkish juggernaut The Destroyer! "I was using that light." "For what? I don't see anything skinny body." "Showing off this perfect body. Why don't you just move out of the way?" Scrappy tries pushing the heavyweight, but he doesn't budge, "You're a little bigger than I thought!" The Destroyer LAUNCHES the vet across the room! The muscle stud moans in pain struggling to his feet, "Nobody gets in the way of me flexing!" He charges in, but the behemoth wraps his 21 inch bicep around Scrappy's throats in a CRUSHING sleeper, "You have no muscles!" The vet's struggles to breathe as the Turkish monster picks him up using him for bicep curls! "You should have spent more time in the gym than posing!" They tie up; The Destroyer unleashes his power with an ARM-BREAKING hammerlock and tight sleeper. Scrappy gasps for air about to pass out when he is let go crumbling to the mat. "My quads are as big as your whole body! Touch it!" Scrappy gets a quick feel then goes back to flexing with the muscle monster flexing behind him, "I'm not gonna let you come in to my mat and outflex me!" The Destroyer wraps his pythons around the vet in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and slams him face first to the mat! The muscle hunk groans in pain, jumps to his feet, and delivers a DOUBLE PEC CLAW! Scrappy can barely get his hands around the beefy muscle, "That doesn't even hurt you?" The behemoth wraps his meathook hands around his victim's throats delivering a CHOKELIFT! Scrappy gasps for air powerless to break away and drops to the mat. The Destroyer begins CRUSHING the vet's abs with his foot while flexing, "Look at this muscle. You see how heavy I am, not like you!" Scrappy struggles to breathe straining to escape, "I can't move!" The muscle giant yanks his prey up by his hair, chokes him with both hands, and taunts the vet, "Bearhug me! Try it!" Shockingly, Scrappy lifts the 260 pounder in a belly to belly bearhug SQUEEZING him as tight as he can! "That's all? Feels like massage! I'll show you a real bearhug!" The Destroyer lifts the vet in a massive bearhug SMOTHERING his face into his meaty pecs! The beast isn't done, forces Scrappy to kiss his bicep, and chokes him again dropping him to the mat. "You get more aggressive every time you flex!" moans the vet. "Still want that bearhug?" Scrappy barrels in lifting and shaking the heavyweight as hard as he can, but it doesn't last long as the giant takes over! "It's so tight!" SCREAMS Scrappy falling to the mat clutching his aching back. The arrogant vet goes back to flexing before being dragged to his feet in a sleeper! "How does it feel to be humiliated and dominated!" The vet escapes, tries for a LOW BLOW, but can't get past his massive quads. "You like my legs! I show you!" The Destroyer wraps his quads of steel around Scrappy in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors, "Come on fight skinny guy!" The muscle stud can barely breathe and taps out, but the giant doesn't let go until he passes out! Scrappy wakes up PISSED at the beating he's taken so far, "I ain't scared big guy like you. I'm gonna bring you down!" The Destroyer flexes his mounds of muscles, "I break your bones!" Out of nowhere, Scrappy jumps on the behemoth's back with a surprise sleeper! Will this be the beginning of Scrappy's comeback, or will The Destroyer's power prove too much to overcome? You gotta see it to find out!