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body builder in a camel clutch

Scrappy vs The Mountain - Mat Rats 112

$ 34.75

Scrappy enters the mat with a look of panic, "Whoa! Am I supposed to wrestle someone else? I think I got the wrong time!" He tries retreating, but Mountain orders him back, "You got the right place boy. Get over here!" The muscle monster towers over his small opponent, "Really Mike? I said find me some big Americans, you bring me children?" Mountain pushes Scrappy against the wall lifting him up INTO THE CEILING! The beast drops him down and bearhugs him with one arm as he howls in pain, "Wouldn't you rather wrestle someone bigger?" "Of course, but this is the best they had!" Mountain tosses Scrappy to the mat and BODY SPLASHES his back as he screams in agony! The beast lifts his victim in an overhead press dropping him onto his boulder shoulders. Scrappy tries to sleeper the giant's thick neck, but it doesn't work! "Really?" Mountain takes him down and wraps his 23 INCH bicep around his throat for a real sleeper! Scrappy struggles to stay conscious as the giant lets him go. The devious Mountain uses the lightweight as a human doormat WALKING and STANDING on top of him crushing his insides! "I give!" The muscle stud stumbles to his feet and tries gut punching the giant's muscle gut, but he feels nothing! Mountain wraps his pythons around Scrappy in a lifted full nelson; his chest PULLED so tight it looks ready to split at any moment! The behemoth flexes his gargantuan muscles while Scrappy tries to recover. Out of nowhere, the underdog jumps on the beast's back trying for a full nelson but can't reach around his massive traps. He switches to a sleeper, and this time locks it in tight! Mountain starts to feel this one but is able to flip him over to escape. Scrappy is in agony as Mountain picks him up in an over the knee BACK BREAKER and fireman's carry, "What now boy?" With the giant's hands busy, Scrappy delivers an ATOMIC WEDGIE! "Wedgie? Really, what is this high school?" The underdog tries a different plan and jumps on the behemoth's shoulders in a STANDING CRUCIFIX! Mountain struggles to stay standing and drops to his knees. "Yeah that's right, bringing down the big man!" The muscle beast is unable to break the hold and falls back CRUSHING Scrappy like a bug! Mountain mounts the smaller muscle stud and forces him to grab his bulging biceps and beefy pecs, "That's what a real man feels like!" Scrappy escapes and sets his plan in motion, "I'm gonna bring you down!" A double pec claw, flying body scissors, and flying head scissors, with each move Scrappy seems to chip away at the behemoth's strength and endurance. Mountain battles back with gut punches, a crushing head scissors, and an ATOMIC WEDGIE so tight Scrappy pleads for mercy to be let go!

"Beating this guy is getting a bit tiring. I'm gonna have a little rest!" Mountain lays belly down on the mat. Scrappy seizes the opportunity and STOMPS the giant's thick back, "You just gonna lay down there huh?" The vet climbs on top and tries a sleeper, but Mountain rips his hands away and starts doing push ups! Scrappy ELBOW DROPS the giant and goes for a Boston crab, but he can't pick up his tree trunk legs! "That didn't work; this oughta work!" Scrappy strains but is able to pull Mountain back in a CAMEL CLUTCH! The behemoth groans in pain but is able to escape! An ANGRY giant retaliates with chokelifts, bearhugs, sleepers, and back breakers! Scrappy can barely move as Mountain lays on him SMOTHERING him into the mat, "Hard to move with 300 pounds on top of you?" "Just let me go! Please!" Somehow, Scrappy gets a burst of strength and swings his legs up in a reverse head scissors! The muscle giant's face turns red under the tight pressure as Scrappy releases and delivers vicious KICKS to his muscle gut. Mountain is doubled over coughing to breathe moaning, "He's tougher than he looks!" With the giant weakened, will this finally be the break Scrappy needs to bring down Mountain? You gotta see it to find out!