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Tristan puts Scrappy into a Boston crab at Thunders Arena Wrestling.

Scrappy vs Tristan - Custom Video Series 87

$ 34.75

It's been two years, but Tristan is back ready to take on whoever stands in his way! The seasoned vet stretches on the mat when he is interrupted by Scrappy, "Grandpa is that you? I saw some of your videos on VHS. You gotta be pretty old, wrestling on the new guy's mat!" Tristan is not intimidated, "See these trunks; I took them off some young zipperhead just like you, with a smart mouth and pretty face and not much else!" The trash talk continues as the muscle hunks flex comparing size then lock up in a mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain under the intense pressure. "See if you got that old man strength in you? Get with the young buck. YOU CAN'T!" Tristan struggles dropping to his knees unable to fight back then falls to the mat. With the "old man" down, Scrappy quickly locks in a sleeper but is met with a sharp elbow to the ribs! Tristan hammerlocks the young buck's arms behind his back admiring his "pretty body" then UNLOADS with forearm after forearm to Scrappy's chiseled chest as he screams in pain. The vet tries for a sleeper, but a vicious snapmare takedown nearly breaks his boulder shoulder. Scrappy is about to teach his elder a lesson: gut punches, dirty tricks, head scissors, and a tight sleeper! Tristan's face turns red; his bronze muscles begin to slump under Scrappy's complete control, "Welcome home grandpa!" The vet nearly passes out, but Scrappy jolts him awake for more torture. BIG MISTAKE! Tristan retaliates with punches, stomps, and dirty tricks of his own, "That pretty little neck of yours, I'm gonna twist it in ways you've never seen!" The vet SQUEEZES Scrappy's skull with his quads of steel nearly putting him to sleep but lets him go. "You still got something in you," groans Scrappy. Tristan is just getting started delivering a powerful full nelson then transitions to a sleeper. The muscle stud is in trouble fighting to escape but eventually crumbles to his knees and passes out! Scrappy recovers and wants revenge! A RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug has Tristan struggling to breath leaving him primed and ready for a tight sleeper! His hulking frame is unable to rescue him from the impending doom, and soon he is counting sheep. The devious Scrappy isn't happy with one sleeper and STOMPS Tristan awake just to put him to sleep again with his other bicep! "This is my mat!" The youngster mounts his victim's chest flexing and taunting the vet, "Bring back something from the old days! It looks like the new young Scrappy is winning!" Tristan awakens pissed off and FLIPS the young buck off him sending him flying across the mat. "I'm gonna take you apart piece by piece!" He sees red delivering DEVASTATING dirty tricks as Scrappy howls in pain! With the muscle stud defenseless on the mat, Tristan locks in a BACK-BREAKING camel clutch and puts Scrappy to sleep with both biceps! The non-stop battle continues: pec claws, Boston crab, gut punches, dirty tricks, and loads of sleepers! Will Tristan finally teach the young buck a lesson in respect, or will Scrappy put grandpa to sleep for good? It's a battle of ages; you gotta see to find out!