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Scrappy Viking Headlock

Scrappy vs Viking - Custom Video Series 55

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

“History class is over bitch – it’s time for Science!”

The last time Scrappy was on the mats with Viking, it didn’t end well for him – so Mr Mike was surprised when Scrappy agreed to a one-on-one rematch!  Scrappy, in tiny leopard-print trunks, enters to see Viking already waiting, decked out in a grey singlet.  Scrappy starts to give Viking a physics lesson, saying that a tall guy has a disadvantage in w arestling match.  “Uh huh,” says Viking. “And how did that work out last time?  History has a tendency of repeating itself!”  Viking’s confidence is still off the chart, and with good reason – Scrappy charges in, trying to take the big man down, but Viking simply shoves him away!  Scrappy gets to his feet and charges in again but this time Viking grabs him and lifts him high over his head!  Scrappy is held aloft, over 7’ in the air, before Viking slams him down to the mat!  Viking grabs Scrappy by the hair and throat, dragging him to his feet.  Viking lifts Scrappy off his feet, inverting him for an upside-down bearhug, leading to a DEVASTATING back breaker over Viking’s knee!  Viking adds humiliation to the pain, slapping Scrappy’s pecs!  Viking kicks Scrappy to the mat, planting a foot on his chest to show off his dominance!  Scrappy is dragged up again by his hair, right into Viking’s signature choke lift!  “I’m gonna squeeze the life right out of you – it’ll be the last time you challenge me, the last time you insult me with your presence!”  Wow - what has Scrappy awoken?!

Viking flattens Scrappy to the mat, pinning him for a three count!  Scrappy’s face is a picture of furious defiance as he slowly gets back to his feet. He charges in again, but again Viking swats him away.  Scrappy realises he needs a new game plan and goes in close to Viking.  The giant doesn’t even perceive Scrappy as a threat, letting him get right in close and even using Scrappy as an arm rest!  But the fearless Scrappy isn’t fazed, he knows just how to bring Viking down to size – with a vicious eye gouge and a shot to the balls!  Viking crumples to the mat, with Scrappy bulldogging him all the way down!  Scrappy finally manages to get Viking on his back, slapping on a headscissors!  Scrappy presses his advantage, wrapping his arm around Viking’s neck and choking the big man!  Viking is fading, fading – he’s out!  Holy s**t, Viking is out!  Scrappy pulls Viking’s singlet straps down, before slapping him awake – Scrappy wants to punish his nemesis some more!  Viking is still groggy, so Scrappy LIFTS HIM OVER HIS SHOULDERS, parading him around the mat!  Scrappy has clearly been getting some strength training in at the gym!  Scrappy slams Viking to the mat and clamps on another sleeper hold!  Viking tries to fight it, but Scrappy has it cinched in tight and Viking fades out again!  Scrappy brings Viking around again, this time slapping on a tight bodyscissor.  Viking lashes out, but Scrappy absorbs the blows.  Scrappy cradles a leg, pinning Viking with a forearm across his throat!  Viking has NEVER been manhandled like this!  Scrappy flips Viking over, planting his foot on the big man’s back and going through a sweaty posing routine that is worthy of the pause button!  Viking struggles to get back up, but Scrappy keeps shoving him back down.  Scrappy decides to STRIP Viking of his singlet completely, then slaps on yet another sleeper, sending the behemoth back into La La Land!

Will history repeat itself?  Can Viking come back and teach Scrappy another lesson?  Or will Scrappy finally hand Viking his first defeat at Thunder’s Arena?  A definite classic, this is a match you’ll watch over and over again!