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Sebastian vs Austin - Battlespace 15B

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Bearhugs, bearhugs, and MORE bearhugs for a total of 11 times in this match. That's right the most requested move, we get by email, is to see more submission by bone crushing bearhugs so in this match we made a special ending for all you bearhug lovers. Sebastian challenges Austin in the final round to a contest where the winner is the first to make the other guy submit in his bearhug. There is lots of action leading up to this bearhug submission match like leg scissors, banana splits, boston crabs, and full nelsons too but the star of this show is the bearhug move. The trash talking is really good too with Austin mouthing off about how everything is bigger in Texas. Will Sebastian be able to stand up for Florida and put this Texas boy in his place? Send him packing alone to the lone star state?